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The Impact of the Anthropocene on Formby

A surprising sonic landscape showing the fragile balance between urbanisation and mother earth. The key environmental issues are highlighted against videos of Formby. This media may be useful for schools and raising awareness. It presents and asks key questions to reflect on. Read more →

PRESS RELEASE – Buckingham Palace Eddy Jackson MBE Investiture for windsurfing leader. An inspirational headteacher and photojournalist received his MBE at Wednesday’s Buckingham Palace investiture. The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Wiliam presented the award. By windsurfing long distances around the UK, the Blackpool headteacher raised the profile of children with disabilities. Significant new resources and new buildings were provided. Read more →

Morecambe Bay in Lancashire and Cumbria is a vast natural habitat for many species. Surrounding the bay are towns and communities that may cause envirorrmental damage to this delicate eco-system. This production records the Bay Eco System. BES is an ongoing project to film the ecology and geography of Morecambe Bay by Eddy Jackson MBE, a Lancaster video producer and digital journalist. Read more →