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Save Freeman’s Wood Lancaster

On the banks of the River Lune to the south and west of Lancaster lies Freeman's Wood.  

It is a place where wild life thrives and people walk dogs, play, do sports, picnic and have fun.

In a busy and congested city, the North Lancashire Green Party are fighting to save this land from property developers urban sprawl.

About four years ago, spaces that had once had free public access were suddenly fenced off.

A group of local residents started, The Friend's of Freeman Wood.  The Green Party Councillor Jon Barry has been fighting hard to safeguard the access and use of this land.



Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Green Party Project - The Ashton Road Lancaster - A Safer Environment



Councillor Abi Mills - North Lancashire Green Party


On Wednesday, 14th January, residents cleared an overgrown footpath on the Ashton Road.

Lancaster Councillor, Abi Mills, led a community action working party.  Using spades, forks and rakes, they removed plants, roots and soil.  After their hard work, a wider, safer footpath emerged.

It is now a lot safer to walk along this busy road.

Abi is a member of the North Lancashire Green Party.  She represents Scotforth West. 




Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video