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Go Pro Epic Surfing Video

Life is worth living to do this.



I work really hard. 

To balance this I need activities that give me a sensory proprioception experiences: jogging, surfing, sailing and free fall parachuting.

Whilst doing these my awareness and thinking becomes clearer and sharper.  It creates a space and a context away from every day demands. 

For me, participation in physical activities leads to better insights and outcomes.

The surfing video captures this idea:


Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Art Education - Roman Mosaics


Red Marsh School Art Video

Here is a video on how they create awareness and promote their curriculum expertise:

Art Education -  Roman Mosaics



Pupils from Red Marsh and Baines Endowed Primary School are working with Wigan artists Sharon Kelly and Andy Shaw. 

Following a visit to the Ribchester Roman Museum, pupils are following a cross curricular project delivered by their class teacher, Louise Jackson.

Red Marsh School has a strong tradition of high quality practice in art, music and drama.

The video shows the process of art education in English schools today.  It is supported by exemplary planning and recording of pupil achievement.

For more details contact the Headteacher at


School and Education PR Marketing

By creating awareness and raising its profile in the community, the school has achieved great success.

This is why schools need marketing and PR. 

Red Marsh School gives serious thought to its strategic marketing.  The financial impact of effective marketing has significant impact upon budgets.

By consistently delivering quality provision and key messages using Digital PR and social media visibility, Red Marsh is enhancing its premier position as a key player in Lancashire.

By working hard on its reputation management and delivering outstanding services to children with special needs, the school continues to positively move forward.

The winners are its pupils, staff and parents.

Check out their amazing inspection report.



Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video