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The Government of Money

Who benefits from the politics of money?  Being brought up studying radical sociology and living on the edge of society, I constantly reflect on economics and self interest.

Strip away the cult celebrity of political party leaders and popular media reporting to discover what politics really means.  Wearne’s laser insights provide a sharp analysis.

At street level, in Beijing, London, Moscow, Washington and Paris similar features may be observed

The structures of governments through out the world reflect this.  Politics, the control of power and money is the focus of Waerne’s reviews.



Wearne's book is available in print and digitally on Amazon.

Mammonocracy examines wealth control and wealth creation.  An elite ruling class of politicians, solicitors and finance professionals with the bureaucratic, administrative middle class benefit. 

Recurring historic, economic and society issues are presented in Wearne’s book; videos, audio and diagrams provide a strong framework for analysis of politics, campaigns and elections. 

The videos have been posted to Tumblr and Vimeo



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