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My Faith Is My Life

I work with children with disabilities. I work as a special support assistant at Highfurlong School, Blackpool. I am sixty five years old and am retiring.My disabled son is the inspiration for my achievements. My faith is my life. God had given me the strength to do this. I love going to church. It is very important. Read more →

A Big Thank You To A Wonderful Person

Here is a tribute to someone who has had a profound effect upon my thinking and work. Jenny has been influential to my and others success. She is part of great team. I want to thank Jenny so that she may get the recognition she deserves. On Friday she retires from an amazing place and a community. Compare this tribute to a world obsessed with shallow celebrities, television and online personalities. In contrast, Jenny deserves a Noble prize for her commitment and faith to humanity. She makes the world a better place for those in greatest need. Read more →