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My Faith Is My Life


Jenny Morris, a special support assistant and mother of Chris, her disabled son, talks about disability and her charity work in Blackpool.

My disabled son is the inspiration for my achievements.

I helped set up the Blackpool PIP Inclusion Project when he was an infant.

The aim was to help children like Chris successfully access:

Play groups


Horse riding

Swimming and have

Social opportunities.

There was always problems with funding

I work as a special support assistant at Highfurlong School, Blackpool.

I am sixty five years old and am retiring.

My work has been very special.

I have been a governor and run the PTFA.

We have been very successful.

It has enabled:

A Toy Library – a really good experience

A Care club

Christmas parties

The AIR Youth Group

Extensive, out of school social opportunities


The Highfurlong  PTFA is amazing.

It enabled great opportunities for parents to be involved:


Active parental involvement in many self help projects

Fund raising

Children’s Christmas Parties

Mentoring and support for parents

Support for pupils, staff and the school.


Highfurlong is an incredible school.

It’s committed to its pupil’s success.

Everyone is there for the pupils.

They provide inspiration for the children.

Give them confidence to do anything.

I think disabled students need  a supportive environment.

They need staff who know then well.

Special schools have the ability to allow children to thrive.

Funding is always an issue.

After my retirement, I will always be involved in my charity and volunteer work.

My faith is my life.

God had given me the strength to do this.

I love going to church.

It is very important.

This video was planned to be about sixty seconds long.

The strong narrative and powerful story needed to be told unedited. It is about eight minutes long and covers three decades:





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