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River Wyre

Wyre, Celtic, for a winding river

The river's headlands start in the Bowland Fells as you look to the east of Fleetwood. Looking west from the Fells you can view Morecambe Bay and the town.



A Winding River from Eddy Jackson MBE on Vimeo.


The River Wyre's source can be seen from where it enters the sea. Only twenty eight miles long, the river has three distinct phases.

The fast flowing narrow stage in the hills, a flood plain and a impressive estuary.

It has three distinct physical phases:

 Fast moving, narrow river

From its origins in the Marshaw and Tarnbrook Wyre's to the village of Scorton, the river is narrow. It drops height and is fast moving as is drains away the brownish Fell waters.

The riverbed consists of boulders and stones.

 Flood Plain

From the small market town of Garstang to the village of Great Ecclestone, the Wyre is a winding river. As it meanders and winds across its flood plane, dykes and flood protection banks are a major feature.

After heavy rain, the river height rises by four meters.


As the Wyre enters Morecambe Bay and the Irish Sea, its appearance transforms. Marshes, sand banks and dunes become the home of a coastal ecosystem.

The Water Cycle

From the north-facing beach at Fleetwood, it is easy to observe the water cycle. It may be sunny on Morecambe Bay but as the moist laden, winds from the west meet the hills clouds form.

Some of the wettest places in England are in the mountains and hills not to far from the Wyre headlands.

Persistent, heavy rain drains into the river. Major flood prevention work is visible. 

The river's ecosystem has to contend with the impact of urbanisation and industrial farming. Many contrasting animal species and wild life are dependent upon a pollution free river.

The sea can only survive if it is not used as a dump for man made waste

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video



Carpe-Diem-In-Snapewood from Eddy Jackson MBE on Vimeo.


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