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Circular Quay | SydneyHarbour | Evening Rush Hour


Rush hour at Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour during the evenings golden hour light creates amazing opportunities. Set against the high-rise office block, the interlocking transport hubs, commuters, tourists and street artists there is a wealth of opportunities here.

The weakness of two-dimensional photography and something I strongly rile against is the lack of multiple sensory engagements. For this tour, I was seeking sonic landscapes that would produce iconic audio recordings that captured the ambiance of the context.

With your eyes shut, Circular Quays is a cacophony of competing sounds. Trace these to their source and they relate to power, energy and transport. Add people and you soon realize how insignificant they are. An aborigine didgeridoo busker makes a forlorn and eerie plea against the orchestra of the high-tech city.


Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Simon Cherriman Australian Conservationist

#Anthropocene #Australia




Simon Cherriman, an authoritative conservation expert and film maker, delivers insights into the impact of the Anthropocene on Australia.

As a leading practitioner in preserving ornithology, flora, fauna and the ecology of the outback, he is exceptionally well qualified. With a first class honours degree in environmental science and a masters in film making, Simon has produced a range of media illustrating his important work.

He is passionate about educating and providing greater awareness in saving and protecting Australia's natural history.

Simon Busy In His Conservation Workshop, Darling Hills, WA

Check out Simon's work online and contact direct for more details about this important work:

In this video, Simon gives his views, thinking and work on saving the Outback's natural heritage.

In Australia's harsh climate and unique physicical geography, his message is central to the care and positive welfare of the country.

This production is one of series by Eddy Jackson to show the impact of the Anthropocene.

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Sunny The Parbold Festival Dragon Goes To Sleep


Parbold Street Festival of Arts & Music

At the end of an exciting weekend, Sunny the Parbold dragon goes back to the hill for a sleep.

Escorted by musicians blowing trumpets and a tube, Sunny is escorted to a barge on the canal for a great farewell.

The Parbold Hill dragon brought many people together. Members of the public, their children, artists, writers, musicians, dancers, helpers and many volunteers helped to produce an exceptional festival.



For further information on Arts Development in the area contact:

Art Development Service
Chapel Gallery
St. Helens Road
Lancashire L39 4QR

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Sarah Schofield Parbold Festival Author

 The West Lancashire Borough Council’s Art Development Service showed inspired leadership in facilitating the 2015 Parbold Street Festival of Art and Music.

Steve Morgan and Dave Reid’s Parbold Unlimited initiative delivered a superb exemplar of how the creative arts can positively engage with the community.



Sarah Schofield, the Parbold Festival author explains how she worked with the artists Andy and Sharon Shaw, schools and adults to provide inspirational writing. 

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Andy And Sharon Shaw Parbold Festival Artists




Andy and Sharon Shaw, artists based in the Parbold windmill gallery, helped inspire the festival participants with their expert communication skills.

The process involved the successful participation of an extended community.

Festival art, dance, music and creative writing activities brought together a talented group of helpers.

Workshops and rehearsals motivated and engaged many enthusiastic participants.

The video delivers the concept, ideas, process and the importance of the arts in creating vibrant communities. 

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Sunny - The Parbold Festival - Dragon Parade



As the hill shook and the tremors rocked the trees, the Parbold elders begrudgingly cussed another fracking earthquake.

The wise apple blossom fairies knew the truth.

Their secret fruit-eating dragon was stirring. It was hungry.

The village children discovered Sunny in the orchards on their hill.

With the help of artists, writers and musicians they held a great friendship part

Sunny, the friendly fruit eating dragon was the guest of honour at Parbold's Street Festival of Arts and Music

 Helpers, volunteers, artists and musicians celebrated in the sun. It was a very successful day

This YouTube video is part of  a wider collection of media highlighting successful arts and music projects in the community.

Audio recordings, photography and video are used to report and show successful processes for positively engaging communities.

This is an ongoing project. 

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Parbold - Organising A Dynamic Street Festival


 Carrie Byrom Event Rider At The Parbold Street Festival Of Art And Music.

Parbold Unlimited, Steve Morgan and David Reid in partnership with the Parbold Community Association and West Lancashire Borough Council Arts Development Service organized a dynamic festival. 



Eddy Jackson
Photojournalism Video Producer Learning Resources

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Parbold Street Festival Of Arts And Music

Steve Morgan and David Reid, who live in the village, delivered a five star exemplar in how to deliver the concepts of social cohesion and arts in the community,

Their ideas and endeavor with a talented team of artists brought new awakenings to West Lancashire.

 A hard working group of helpers and volunteers helped to produce a spectacular production.

The event was supported by a wide range of musicians and groups.

Check out the audio files, supporting videos and blog posts to capture the creative process of this amazing festival.




Dave Reid explains the origins of the festival's beginnings:


Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video