Parbold - Organising A Dynamic Street Festival
Andy And Sharon Shaw Parbold Festival Artists

Sunny - The Parbold Festival - Dragon Parade



As the hill shook and the tremors rocked the trees, the Parbold elders begrudgingly cussed another fracking earthquake.

The wise apple blossom fairies knew the truth.

Their secret fruit-eating dragon was stirring. It was hungry.

The village children discovered Sunny in the orchards on their hill.

With the help of artists, writers and musicians they held a great friendship part

Sunny, the friendly fruit eating dragon was the guest of honour at Parbold's Street Festival of Arts and Music

 Helpers, volunteers, artists and musicians celebrated in the sun. It was a very successful day

This YouTube video is part of  a wider collection of media highlighting successful arts and music projects in the community.

Audio recordings, photography and video are used to report and show successful processes for positively engaging communities.

This is an ongoing project. 

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