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Skilled tradesmen deliver essential services. Communities will not be able to function without these. Business and entrepreneurial drive are part of this process.
In vibrant economies, there is always a strong demand for craft skills. There are a range of positive and rewarding opportunities.
Society needs to do more in encouraging young people to consider acquiring a trade.  Why become indebted through questionable university education?

There are alternatives to self-serving higher education. Here the teaching of dinosaur curriculums prevents graduates from competing in the workplace. Staff that have little insight to the economics of the world. Their restrictive bureaucracies produce educated students who may have difficulty finding employment.

Chris Jackson from Gas Adept Ltd, Southampton heating engineers, decided against university. He exemplifies the growing trend to buck full time education. As an advocate of vocational education, he is a great role model.


Intelligent and well informed, Chris shows the benefits. He articulates his success in becoming a gas heating engineer. He follows his father in the family gas heating business.

His sister schedules the Gas Adept Ltd logistics.

They are the contemporary model the government is highlighting to address the skills shortage.



Gaz Adept Ltd - Tradesmen Tea from Eddy Jackson MBE on Vimeo.

 ​In his recent speech, the Prime Minister outlined the case for promoting vocational apprenticeships. There is an alternative to the university trap.
Companies like Ernst Young, KPMG, BAE and Rolls Royce are moving to this new model.

SMEs, like Gas Adept Ltd, are aware of high standards and excellent customer relations. Chris outlines how word-of-mouth is the driver for new business. They are focused in delivering value-added service in the Southampton area.

By being responsive, the family business shows the strength of a dynamic service industry. Economic prosperity is about skilled tradesmen.

Chris delivers insights into how tradesmen work and shares their preference for strong tea. What is your taste? How do you like your tea served? Is your heating engineer articulate and well mannered?


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