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European Union - In or Out #votestay

#votestay, #EuropeanUnion, #BritEx Making a case based on a lifetime of HR support in the City of London, a former Director of several companies makes a case for voting to staying in at the #EuropeanReferendum: #employment, #jobs, #prosperity and #security. Read more →

Lurchers Crossbred Sight Hounds

Through selected breeding, lurchers have evolved speed and intelligence for field work. In the open the exhibit graceful and athletic movements. Lurchers are good for obedience and agility. They have gained popularity as an exceptional family dog. Not all hunting dogs hunt animals. They and their owners well-being, relate to the enjoyment of the wide outdoors and open spaces. Read more →

Gas Adept Ltd Southampton Gas Heating Engineers

SMEs, like Gas Adept Ltd, are aware of high standards and excellent customer relations. Chris outlines how word-of-mouth is the driver for new business. They are focused in delivering value-added service in the Southampton area. By being responsive, the family business shows the strength of a dynamic service industry. Economic prosperity is about skilled tradesmen. Chris delivers insights into how heating engineers and tradesmen prefer their tea. Read more →

AAC Access Technology Red Marsh School

There is a very strong focus on language development to enable pupils to successfully communicate. The professional development opportunities for all staff is a real strength of the school. There is high quality support within school by Sarah Holyhead, the Communication Coordinator, subject specialists and the Lancashire CC. All staff are highly trained in access technology and inclusive communications strategies. Read more →