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Lurchers Crossbred Sight Hounds

 Hunting dogs evolution matched the hunting needs of our ancestors. In the paleolithic period it was the chief means of obtaining food and clothing.

During the Neolithic period, as agriculture developed, killing game was still important. Hunting became a sport in medieval Europe for Royalty.


A Lurcher, Mindfulness and Morecambe Bay from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.

Today, as in the nations long history, poaching is part of country life. With rising food prices, the cost of living and economic hardships, poachers still hunt.

The law bans poaching:

"Under section 30 of the Game Act 1831 it is an offence for any person to trespass in the daytime by entering or being upon any land in search or pursuit of game, woodcock, snipe or rabbits. "

"The law still allows trail hunting - where hounds follow a scent laid out for them by a hunt - and the shooting of foxes using two dogs to flush them out, but the 2004 Hunting Act which became law a year ago this week strictly forbids fox hunting with a pack of hounds."
Martin Shipman Western Mail

For legal pest control, crossbred sight hounds play an essential conservation role.

Through selected breeding, lurchers have evolved speed and intelligence for field work. In the open the exhibit graceful and athletic movements.

Lurchers are good for obedience and agility. They have gained popularity as an exceptional family dog. Not all hunting dogs hunt animals. They and their owners well-being, relate to the enjoyment of the wide outdoors and open spaces


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