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Monty is a three year old Lurcher. Here he is enjoying the spring sunshine at Galgate, Lancashire. He comes from the Lancaster Dog Rescue Centre and now has new owners. The best thing in the world for Monty is running in wide open spaces. Read more →

Today’s demonstrators were representing those in greatest need. John Rawls and Ian Duncan Smith made strong cases for these people. There is much more to be done. The nearby dilapidated TUC House and Maynard Keynes’s Camden home, are symbolic relics of the narrative, aspirations and values of a significant number of people in the country. They have been deleted from the agenda and policies of parliament or local councils. Read more →

Four Very Concerned Citizens EU Referendum #VoteStay

Four contrasting voters voice their concerns. These are influenced by economic prosperity, jobs and employment. A common issue was the fear of losing out by not being part of Europe. Each speaker delivers their articulate insights and make a strong case for their decision. Read more →

Best Of Britannia North – Views on EU Referendum

The Old Post Office, Preston convened the annual Best if Britannia Trade Show. On the Press Day, exhibitors were asked about their views on European Union. Here are two contrasting people sharing their views: from Lancashire specialize in producing milk as a high value nutrient-rich food. They local shops, milk rounds, farm shops, hospitals and schools. UCLAN Textile’s Department has a great tradition of producing enterprising students with a wide range of talents. Here two students exhibit their exceptional work. An exit from the EU would be detrimental to opportunities and university education. Read more →

Dreaming On A Spring Day

Dreaming, walking the lurcher. The sun's rays bouncing, glittering back of the water, creating sparkling patterns. How to capture the beauty of the moment? Is it going to be dull realism or can I have licence to be creative? Creativity is like fresh air. It lets you have another way of seeing, thinking, understanding and communicating. Read more →

Winning Business With Social Media Videos

Benefits - Your Video marketing delivers and impacts on the bottom line as the above ROI research indicates with: Evergreen, cost-effective, content lasts forever. Video educates, informs, engages and inspires. Easily integrated for social media sharing across multiple channels. Your content is easily shared. It is mobile friendly. Video is where customers spend their time. Your content is easily measurable with analytics- only pay for results. Videos are about selling your story to win sales. It is only one click away from your call-to-action - ‘Buy’, Sign Up etc. Your competitors are using video. Your video allows you to compete with the best online Video content from your business is easily searchable Read more →

School Photography - Education PR Marketing

Are your budget expectations for your academy or school on target? Do you have strategic communication tools to attract pupils and parents? Can you create awareness and promote your organization to impact on your community? If a difficult financial environment, I can help you with successful outcomes by: Using a range of media to highlight your exciting work. Delivering integrated digital PR to support your reputation management. Telling your story Creating a narrative that influences: Local and national government agencies Pupils, parents and your community stake holders Recognition in the press and media Helps achieves awards Enhances your credibility Read more →