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Sailing In Southern Brittany

Sailing is like chess. Many factors come into play. Success comes from making the best use of changing winds and making good use currents and tides for a conveyor belt boost to help reach the destination. Careful planning, prudence, respect for the elements, a bit of luck and help from the gods are essential ingredients. Sailing in Southern Brittany in mid-summer involves warm seas, fair winds and sublime cuisine. Read more →

Catherine Dobson Horizon Sailing Conwy Marina

I will always remember leaving Conwy Marina under hot, azure skies and reassuring zephyrs. The shimmering light conditions matched the best of Hollywood. Filming and producing a sailing video was going to be fun. Catherine Dobson's calm, reassuring teaching style as a RYA Cruising Instructor helped. Conwy is a stunning base for about two thousand yachts. The marina facilitates an expert boating infrastructure for North Wales and the Menai Strait. The area is one of the finest and most interesting cruising areas in the Britain. Read more →