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How do your learners develop essential cognitive and motor skills? Is the child benefiting from art in school? Does the national curriculum, exams, SATs, and OFSTED deliver? What’s your view? Mothers, parents, and artists use art for skill development. These activities are precarious in some schools. Art education and child development promote a range of life-skills. Read more →

Illegal Immigrants Running Hiding

Illegal Immigrants Running Hiding.How does it feel to be fleeing, running, hiding, scared for your life? A short teaser video filmed with infra-red light at night next to a busy road. The purpose is to frame the narrative in the perspective of the illegal immigrant and elicting their feelings and emotions. Read more →

Resilience Emotional Well-Being Videos

Asta's Bird Shadows | A series of learning resource videos to support school assemblies, social studies lesson plans, and awareness of resilience. | Based upon a fictional ninth century narrative based in the north of England, the plot can easily be referenced to events and news stories happening in the present. Read more →

VR 360 curriculum videos

Introductory 360 videos form the education video portal: 1. Learning resource videos. 2. School assembly videos. 3. VR 360 videos to support the curriculum. 4 Videos for lesson plans. 5. Environmental and social studies videos. Free on YouTube or 4K HD Vimeo VOD or OTT subscription. Read more →

Dirty Glaciers - A Ground Level Video

Filming glaciers on a cold, windy spring day near Mount Cook, illustrated the powerful impact of nature’s attrition. South Island, NZ, and its rugged environment is the outcome of these awesome physical forces. The story also relates to global warming and the shrinking of the earth’s heritage of ice and snow. Over time, research indicates climate changes and significant variations. Glaciers are the product of climate. Right now in the age of the Anthropocene, snow, ice and glaciers are in retreat. The video shows glacial areas that could not be filmed fifty years ago. Near the peaks, snow still accumulates to produce panoramic white expanses. However, lower down on the glacier, the melting water shows the outcome of the temperature rising. Read more →