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Sense of Agency and the Environment


Action and commitment from local people who care about their environment and others improves the quality of life.

What positive actions and commitments can individuals take to help them self and others?

Is it possible to overcome the restrictions of families, local communities, or the culture of the wider society?




Do you think and care?

What environmental space influences you?

The Lancaster Green Party campaigned to save land from property developers:

Neighbourhood tidying project:

Cabus Parish Council plant bulbs to make the environment more appealing:



Cabus Parish Council A6 Daffodil Bulb Planting Project from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Can you make positive things happen?

Or, are you restricted by circumstances?

How can you improve the quality of life and the environment?

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

South Lancaster Speakers Club




Invitation to join the new South Lancaster Speakers Club

7.30pm Wednesday 10th October 2018

Hollins Lane Methodist Church Schoolroom



SLSC Facebook Page




Become a better speaker, a better presenter, and a better leader.

Our newly formed club is reaching out to new members who wish to improve their communication skills.

SLSC Facebook Page

Are you seeking:

  • A mutually supportive learning environment
  • Having fun
  • Individual coaching
  • Self-help
  • Developing a speaking style
  • To gain confidence and skills

Check out this Guardian article on public speaking:

"I should say that the idea of a how-to guide for aspiring orators is not exactly a new one. Cicero’s De OratoreAd Herennium (for a long time attributed to Cicero but not by him) and Quintilian’s Institutes of Oratory are all as much manuals as they are works of analysis. Rhetoric, as Aristotle noted, is a techne: it can be taught. Indeed, ever since democracy got going and the Athenian nobles realised that property alone was no longer enough to guarantee power – that oratory mattered – there have been private tutors (sophistiae) and speechwriters (logographoi) offering to help the monied but tongue-tied to find their voices.

As all these authorities realised, a well-written speech is easier to deliver than a dully written one, and a well-structured speech is easier for speaker and audience to remember than a rambling shambles. The tricks of style the ancients identified still work. Anaphora – repeating a word or phrase at the beginning of successive sentences or paragraphs – gives a speech force and momentum. The tricolon – grouping things into three, as in “Friends, Romans, countrymen” – remains a staple of modern oratory. Likewise antithesis – contrasting one thing with another – gives you the chance to define the shape of an argument (all the better if you use it to finesse the inconvenient fact that there might in fact be two or more options). And nothing makes a speaker sound focused and businesslike like enumeratio: reeling out a numbered list of points, like the Spanish Inquisition in the Monty Python sketch"

Sam Leith




Testimonial from Abi from ASC on Vimeo.


Additional Resources

Association of Speakers Clubs


South Lancaster Speakers Club

Call David Knox now on 01524 805554 



Check out the Facebook Page now.




Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

What is your compass bearing

The position of Polaris, or the North Star, is an important marker for celestial navigation.


What is your compass bearing?



Old Harry From Studland Bay




In committing yourself to act, what informed and guided your decision? How did you reach your destination? Do other factors influence the direction of travel?

Using a compass and its application to navigation as metaphors, I’ll pilot you, and guide you like the position of Polaris, or the North Star is to celestial navigation.

For a successful personal agency to make positive things happen, we need a guiding beacon. What’s yours?

One of the greatest poets of the twentieth century, the granite-faced, chain-smoking, W. H. Auden in his powerful, selfish tribute and immortalised poem by the film industry, painfully gasped:


“He was my North, South, my East and West.”


Wow. Beat that as a metaphor of a compass rose. Who guides you?






Let me tell you a true story and a nautical incident that I was involved in last month. The grounding and capsizing of the 42’ luxury yacht was due to a lack of diligence, poor seamanship, and as referenced by the title of this article, not using a compass or applying the basic principles of navigation despite having mountains of reference points, and explicit aides to prevent this incident.

On the 7 May, the Irish yacht, Dawn Glory, started a seven-day cruise around the Isle of Skye northwards through the Kyle Rhea tidal gate and fast flowing narrow tidal channel that separates mainland Scotland from the Island.

The cruise plan took a small fleet of the Howth Yacht Club to the Crowlin Islands, Rona, across the Minch to the Shiant Islands, along the east coast of the Outer Hebrides, and the back to Skye.

The crew and I were having a late supper after a long passage.

As darkness and the cold night enveloped the anchorage in the loch, sudden crunching noises and the boat rapidly tilting, capsizing from the vertical to a ninety-degree horizontal position, indicated that Dawn Gory had run aground and was falling onto a rocky outcrop.

The is the important issue and the key point, despite having detailed charts, the latest navigation devices, GPS chart plotters, and iPads with the best digital charts, this incident happened. It may have had very serious consequences.

Good seamanship, navigation, and the successful use of a compass in piloting a boat require expert insights with constant reference to guiding beacons, lights, and charts mapping out the course.

The causes of this yacht going aground incident were:

  • Not listening
  • Not responding to facts
  • A lack of understanding and
  • Poor seamanship

The skipper and first mate did not accurately know their position.

They did not use their compass to fix the boat’s position and did not respond, and ignored feedback.

My hypothesis in using this analogy to the personal agency in our, your lives, is that we need to be informed by a sound compass bearing to make well-informed decisions.

In reality, some constraints from the dynamics of family life, the communities expectations, and societies cultural expectations may inhibit this. Other obvious factors such as our finances, economic well-being, and personal health may impinge on our ability for personal agency.

However, by positively and successfully using our agency, it may be possible to overcome the negative influences. 

What I am suggesting is that having clarity of thought, the ability to have informed insights and deliver solutions will impact upon our, your direction of travel and prevent catastrophes such as hitting the rocks and going aground.

Despite being told by the alert crew, the skipper and mate did not listen or react to informed insights.





In summary, I have used the metaphor of a compass, a compass bearing, and navigation regarding your direction of travel.

The true story of Dawn Glory going aground on a moonless night in a remote loch could have been catastrophic.

What do you use to guide, lead, and inform your life?

Are you well informed?

What is your compass bearing?


Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video