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South Lancaster Speakers Club




Invitation to join the new South Lancaster Speakers Club

7.30pm Wednesday 10th October 2018

Hollins Lane Methodist Church Schoolroom




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Become a better speaker, a better presenter, and a better leader.

Our newly formed club is reaching out to new members who wish to improve their communication skills.


SLSC Facebook Page

Are you seeking:

  • A mutually supportive learning environment
  • Having fun
  • Individual coaching
  • Self-help
  • Developing a speaking style
  • To gain confidence and skills

Check out this Guardian article on public speaking:

"I should say that the idea of a how-to guide for aspiring orators is not exactly a new one. Cicero’s De OratoreAd Herennium (for a long time attributed to Cicero but not by him) and Quintilian’s Institutes of Oratory are all as much manuals as they are works of analysis. Rhetoric, as Aristotle noted, is a techne: it can be taught. Indeed, ever since democracy got going and the Athenian nobles realised that property alone was no longer enough to guarantee power – that oratory mattered – there have been private tutors (sophistiae) and speechwriters (logographoi) offering to help the monied but tongue-tied to find their voices.

As all these authorities realised, a well-written speech is easier to deliver than a dully written one, and a well-structured speech is easier for speaker and audience to remember than a rambling shambles. The tricks of style the ancients identified still work. Anaphora – repeating a word or phrase at the beginning of successive sentences or paragraphs – gives a speech force and momentum. The tricolon – grouping things into three, as in “Friends, Romans, countrymen” – remains a staple of modern oratory. Likewise antithesis – contrasting one thing with another – gives you the chance to define the shape of an argument (all the better if you use it to finesse the inconvenient fact that there might in fact be two or more options). And nothing makes a speaker sound focused and businesslike like enumeratio: reeling out a numbered list of points, like the Spanish Inquisition in the Monty Python sketch"

Sam Leith


Abi https://vimeo.com/182210488


Testimonial from Abi from ASC on Vimeo.


Additional Resources

Association of Speakers Clubs http://www.speakersclubs.uk/index.html


South Lancaster Speakers Club

Call David Knox now on 01524 805554 

Email davidknox49@hotmail.co.uk

Web https://www.southlancasterspeakers.club/

Check out the Facebook Page now.




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