Sense of Agency and the Environment
Sail Scotland Kyle Rhea

Davits a metaphor for life


Davit a device for suspending or lowering a yacht tender

Piloting the hidden pools in the upper lochs in the islands and the West Coast of Scotland is great fun.

Davits are about easy handling and launching of a boat’s tender for enhancing a greater range of sailing adventures.  


Using davits as a metaphor for life, can you think of other activities, apps or devices that may make your work and habitual routines a lot easier?

Getting to your destination is dependent on well-maintained equipment and skilled seamanship. Submerged rocks, swirling currents, wind, and waves will influence progress. 

What factors may impact upon the delivery of your plans? 

How do you reach your goals and destiny?

Covering three hundred and eighty miles the yacht, White Eagle, called into:

Loch Spelve, Tarbet and the Pool, Port Ellen, Tinker's Hole, Bunessan, Iona, Fingal’s Cave Staffa, Tobermory, Muck, Loch Moidart, Plockton, Mallaig, Canna, Soay, Loch Scavaig, Rum, Eigg, Tobermory, Loch Aline and Oban.


The Hallberg-Rassy 36 used its tender to explore these scenic jewels in blistering hot weather.  The dinghy allowed the crew to have great fun.

Accessing and reaching the most incredible places was easy. By enhancing the voyage through the use of the tender, we experienced a much wider range of exciting opportunities.


Without the highly functional davits, it would be hard work launching and retrieving the tender. Un-tie two lines to lower or raise.  Easy.  The process is quick compared to the labour-intensive alternatives.

You see the amazing shimmering Moidart castle at the head of the loch.  In a locker, tied on deck, the tender is a burden. It has to be inflated, laboriously launched over the side and kitted out.


How does it feel?

What makes repetitive activities easier?

Do you waste your time and efforts on faffing?


What aides, devices, modifications, changes in routine or habits will make your life and work easier?

Davits or laborious struggles?

I am part of the anti-faffing, can-do crew.

And you?


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