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A relaxed temperament, intelligence, and good health are factors in the child’s strength. Resilience protective factors that contribute to positive mental health and well-being are:


·        Having a caring and supportive family

·        Supportive and cohesive networks

·        Thoughtful supervision

·        Socioeconomic advantage

·        A nurturing, safe school ethos

·        Participation in recreational activities

·        The wider community

·        Young people who are confident with strong self-esteem.

A range of risk factors is related to a child’s vulnerability to poor mental health:

·        Family and peers relationships

·        Poor physical health

·        Low birth weight

·        Premature birth

·        Family education

·        Income

·        Drugs

·        Alcohol

·        Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse

·        Disability

·        Learning difficulties

Access and benefitting from expert support is difficult. Only a small percentage of young people are accepted for support by the statutory agencies. There are significant issues. These may be related to social adversity relating to dysfunctional family stress, lack of parental knowledge about local expertise, poverty, or child abuse trauma.

A local charity that supports young people’s mental health is ACE in Lancaster:

Sally Temple ACE Charity Lancaster


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