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Jenny Morris My Faith Is My Life Highfurlong School Blackpool





Jenny Morris is an iconic Blackpool charity worker.

She is driven and guided by her faith in the Catholic Church.

There is so much more to share and tell than presented in this short video.

These links add context:

Jenny has cult status for everyone who knows her.
She is a saint that deserves recognition.
It was a great privilege to be part of Jenny's team.
Their work made a tremendous difference across many communities, organisations, families, and young people.


Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

British Legion Remembrance Day Sgt Will Bough Royal Scots Tribute




For Remembrance Day and the Armistice Silence, retired Sgt Will Bough, a tank commander in the Royal Scots, is commemorating all those killed in wars.

2018 is the one hundredth anniversary of the world's most deadly war.

November 11 is the annual tradition with two minutes silence at eleven o’clock for remembering the ending of World War 1 in 1918. 

King George V oversaw the first ceremony in 1919.

Today, the Royal Family, the British Armed Forces, and Government continue the tradition by parading at The Cenotaph in Whitehall every year.

In the UK, Remembrance Sunday is on the second Sunday in November.

Red poppies are sold to raise money for HM Armed Forces veterans needing help.

Here is a personal tribute to the experience and impact of war. 

A plea for peace and understanding amongst nations and people is made.




Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Nick Lily Principal Bendrigg Trust Cumbria Introducing Acorn House

Outdoor Education

The Principal of Bendrigg Lodge delivers a voice over for a walk throw video on the centre's new accessible accommodation.

Outdoor adventure activities are a fundamental part of child development. 

What sort of life would it be without:

  1. Adventure

  2. Experiencing engaging, direct, and active experiences

  3. Developing interpersonal social skills

  4. Participating in outdoor activities that involve a challenge

  5. Safely managing risks with secure, controlled activities

  6. Being educated in outdoor natural settings

  7. Overcoming anxieties

  8. Considering the decision-making process

  9. Reviewing emotional, physical, and leadership skills.

The aim is for young people to make well-informed actions within the context of the outdoor centre’s activities.

By reviewing all the essential information, careful, and well-informed decisions are made to successfully tackle challenges.



A 360 video of Acorn House delivers another perspective:


Nikon 360 Video | Birds Eye & Elevated View | Inside Acorn House | Bendrigg Trust from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.




Nick Lily Principal Bendrigg Trust Fundraising  


The Bendrigg Ball charity event raised money for new fully accessible accommodation for young people with disabilities.



Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Zen Buddhism Awakening Primers Gary Knapton




Using the power of language to elucidate tensions and developing new perceptions is a writers trade. 

Gary Knapton, Manchester's Zen Buddhism books guide readers through the dramas at work, play, and in the home.

With intelligent thought provoking  teasing,  Knapton's Buddhist solutions help by developing action-based personal agency. 

The blog and books reinforce Zen for a whole life design approach to good living. 

Check out Knapton's memes from the iTunes book Modern Love:


• Love is not a feeling
(The idea that love is an action. A call to agency)

• Memories and dreams are real
(The idea that our perception of life originates from all data we receive)

• Your house is not your home
(The idea that our haven is within)

• Food is information
(The nutrigenomics doctrine - that our health & disease genes are switched on and off by the data instructions in food)

• Atheists and believers are both correct
(My thesis that God is both an imminence and an emanance)

• The world is a giant chessboard
(The geo-strategic take on a unified species)

• Your TV lies
(A call to switch off and go outside)

• Forgiveness can only ever be self-directed
(My theory that flips forgiveness as a personal development tool)

• You are a lot older than you think
(The idea that we are carbon atoms like everything else)

• You are sleeping
(an awakening primer and a call to search for insight)


Modern Love Awakening Primers Gary Knapton



Get the book Modern Love.

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Mother's Story Cerebral Palsy Disability Services






An accident during the birthing process may lead to a disability.

For every thousand live births, about six will involve cerebral palsy.

The disorder disrupts the complex neuronal circuits of the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia.


An interdisciplinary team may support with a modified education program:

Therapies to help movement, functional activities, and language development.

Intensive motor, sensory, and intellectual activities to help reduce the impact of cerebral palsy.


  • Difficult or prolonged childbirth may cause asphyxia or hypoxia.

  • Fetal diseases.

  • Mother and fetus blood types are causing jaundice and cerebral palsy from brain damage.

  • Severe head injury.

  • Infections.


  • Delay in motor development.

  • Ataxia.

  • Athetosis.

  • Weak limbs.

  • Spasticity.

  • Visual, sensory, or cognitive loss.

  • Intellectual disability.


Here is a mother’s story about trying to obtain expert help and support for her infant son.  Due to austerity and cutbacks, people with disabilities have not been able to receive essential medical care or support.




Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video

Children’s Mental Health ACE Charity Lancaster





A relaxed temperament, intelligence, and good health are factors in the child’s strength. Resilience protective factors that contribute to positive mental health and well-being are:


·        Having a caring and supportive family

·        Supportive and cohesive networks

·        Thoughtful supervision

·        Socioeconomic advantage

·        A nurturing, safe school ethos

·        Participation in recreational activities

·        The wider community

·        Young people who are confident with strong self-esteem.

A range of risk factors is related to a child’s vulnerability to poor mental health:

·        Family and peers relationships

·        Poor physical health

·        Low birth weight

·        Premature birth

·        Family education

·        Income

·        Drugs

·        Alcohol

·        Emotional, physical, or sexual abuse

·        Disability

·        Learning difficulties

Access and benefitting from expert support is difficult. Only a small percentage of young people are accepted for support by the statutory agencies. There are significant issues. These may be related to social adversity relating to dysfunctional family stress, lack of parental knowledge about local expertise, poverty, or child abuse trauma.

A local charity that supports young people’s mental health is ACE in Lancaster:

Sally Temple ACE Charity Lancaster


Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Video