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Mother's Story Cerebral Palsy Disability Services






An accident during the birthing process may lead to a disability.

For every thousand live births, about six will involve cerebral palsy.

The disorder disrupts the complex neuronal circuits of the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia.


An interdisciplinary team may support with a modified education program:

Therapies to help movement, functional activities, and language development.

Intensive motor, sensory, and intellectual activities to help reduce the impact of cerebral palsy.


  • Difficult or prolonged childbirth may cause asphyxia or hypoxia.

  • Fetal diseases.

  • Mother and fetus blood types are causing jaundice and cerebral palsy from brain damage.

  • Severe head injury.

  • Infections.


  • Delay in motor development.

  • Ataxia.

  • Athetosis.

  • Weak limbs.

  • Spasticity.

  • Visual, sensory, or cognitive loss.

  • Intellectual disability.


Here is a mother’s story about trying to obtain expert help and support for her infant son.  Due to austerity and cutbacks, people with disabilities have not been able to receive essential medical care or support.




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