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Nick Lily Principal Bendrigg Trust Cumbria Introducing Acorn House

Outdoor Education

The Principal of Bendrigg Lodge delivers a voice over for a walk throw video on the centre's new accessible accommodation.

Outdoor adventure activities are a fundamental part of child development. 

What sort of life would it be without:

  1. Adventure

  2. Experiencing engaging, direct, and active experiences

  3. Developing interpersonal social skills

  4. Participating in outdoor activities that involve a challenge

  5. Safely managing risks with secure, controlled activities

  6. Being educated in outdoor natural settings

  7. Overcoming anxieties

  8. Considering the decision-making process

  9. Reviewing emotional, physical, and leadership skills.

The aim is for young people to make well-informed actions within the context of the outdoor centre’s activities.

By reviewing all the essential information, careful, and well-informed decisions are made to successfully tackle challenges.



A 360 video of Acorn House delivers another perspective:


Nikon 360 Video | Birds Eye & Elevated View | Inside Acorn House | Bendrigg Trust from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.




Nick Lily Principal Bendrigg Trust Fundraising  


The Bendrigg Ball charity event raised money for new fully accessible accommodation for young people with disabilities.



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