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Zen Buddhism Awakening Primers Gary Knapton




Using the power of language to elucidate tensions and developing new perceptions is a writers trade. 

Gary Knapton, Manchester's Zen Buddhism books guide readers through the dramas at work, play, and in the home.

With intelligent thought provoking  teasing,  Knapton's Buddhist solutions help by developing action-based personal agency. 

The blog and books reinforce Zen for a whole life design approach to good living. 

Check out Knapton's memes from the iTunes book Modern Love:


• Love is not a feeling
(The idea that love is an action. A call to agency)

• Memories and dreams are real
(The idea that our perception of life originates from all data we receive)

• Your house is not your home
(The idea that our haven is within)

• Food is information
(The nutrigenomics doctrine - that our health & disease genes are switched on and off by the data instructions in food)

• Atheists and believers are both correct
(My thesis that God is both an imminence and an emanance)

• The world is a giant chessboard
(The geo-strategic take on a unified species)

• Your TV lies
(A call to switch off and go outside)

• Forgiveness can only ever be self-directed
(My theory that flips forgiveness as a personal development tool)

• You are a lot older than you think
(The idea that we are carbon atoms like everything else)

• You are sleeping
(an awakening primer and a call to search for insight)


Modern Love Awakening Primers Gary Knapton



Get the book Modern Love.

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