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Wild Boars Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England




Wild Boar Forest of Dean


If you go into the forest what will you see?

How do you feel when you sense the forest’s miasma, with its boggy swamps between its brooding dark trees, holding back the light?

Here is a refuge for wild boars.

Can you see their tracks in the dark hidden places?



Wild Boar Tracks Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England


Babbling brooks, hidden lakes and boggy swamps are their playgrounds.

What other creatures live here?

Frogs and toads.

Hooting owls, long-tailed tits.



Visitor in the Forest of Dean Searching For Wild Boars


As Greta Thunberg, the cult environmental teenage hero sails into the United Nations conference in Spain, we are yomping into the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England.

Here is a magnificent outdoor playground.

What histories does it hide?

Who toiled laboured here? Where are they now?

Where have the mines, quarries, and furnaces gone?



Deer Tracks In The Forest of Dean


What goes on during the witching hour in this mysterious dark place?

What eyes are watching you?

Which silent creatures lurk here?

Whose ears are listening for your approach?



Wild Boar Guide Forest of Dean Gloucestershire And Lydney Cricket Club Legend


Is your wind-blown scent alerting them?

Are the frogs and toads, screeching owls, and grunting boars, tormented by goblins, dwarfs, and faeries in the glooming?

Or is it the wild boars scavenging with sure-footed deer running from danger?


Wild Boar Video

Here is an experimental video edited in FCPX with audio mixed in Logic Pro. 






The Sheditor In The Forest of Dean Gloucestershire



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