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Freeing minds exposing false narratives Number 1

Creating informing minds needs your attention to thrive Number 2



How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning - Fake News




Experimenting, playing with, and integrating language by using audio, printed, and visual media in the spirit of Bertolt Brecht’s pedagogy helps in creating reflective, thoughtful audience responses.

In producing this experimental genre through the critical application and development of language by morphing the characteristics of poems and prose leads to dramatically witnessing contemporary life through a surreal filter.

There is a strong emphasis on the image over the narrative.

The process becomes stronger when reading this new media aloud and designing an echoing pattern for a more rounded effect.

Here there is a sharp contrast between using the best words in the best order: poetry and in comparing words in their best order: prose.

Powerful feelings are poetry’s strength. What if these can flow from margin to margin free from rhyme and metre? The prose poem is the third way and becomes the guiding beacon for this experimental media. LogicPro and FCP support this process.



How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning


How does it feel

Going under drowning

From extremist fictions

Kicking around my mine?


Gasping fighting

Desperately thinking

Reasoning informing hope

Over false statements.


How does it feel

Living new worlds

Surfacing free from tyranny

Overcoming threatening beliefs?


Falsely misappropriating ideas

Stop megaphone bullying

Echoing in a shallow cave

Whose villainous values are these?


How does it feel

Rising from the stormy seas

Gasping fresh air

Feeding the brain?


Living in peace harmony and love

Thoughtfully using rationality

Creating informing minds

Needs your attention to thrive.




The above is the first draft of a developmental series. The work and video finale is informed by great philosophical thinkers and applying their concepts to our contemporary zeitgeist:

“But once we allow ourselves to be guided by reason, we will begin to see that the ‘greatest good’ must be ‘common to all’, and ‘enjoyed by all equally’. We will realise that no one will live happily without ‘mutual aid’, and that the only guarantor of freedom is a ‘state’ in which everyone agrees to be ‘led as if by one mind’ and to abide by the ‘common decision’. In the meantime the wise will have to wait, but – ‘insofar as they are wise’ – they will know that in the long run things are bound to get better.”
Jonathan Rée



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