Creating informing minds needs your attention to thrive Number 2
Hey there hateful noisy media Number 3 fake news propaganda education

Freeing minds exposing false narratives Number 1


Stop megaphone bullying & Fake News




In a time where radical manifestos are simply not credible, there is a need to, “Stop giving equal time to lies.” A great principle for 2020 states Gavin Esler.


Hey there hateful noisy media


I am going under drowning

From your extremist fictions

Kicking around my mine.


Go now, get out of my mine

You are much too ignorant

I am fighting discovering

A new real world.


By guiding reasoning

Informing decision making

Creating a new path to escape

To a heavenly peaceful paradise.



Discovering new thinking

Surfacing free from tyranny

Questioning threatening beliefs.

Listen to the chimes of freedom.


Do not raise your voice

Stop megaphone bullying

With vindictive symbols of hate

Ignorance needs education.


Peacefully thriving in harmony

Loving using rationality

Freeing minds exposing false narratives

Winning creating stronger communities.




Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communicationuk streaming multimedia narratives | Digital Learning Services

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