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A Physiological Deconstruction Of The Eve of St Agnes John Keats



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Is there an alternative context for framing John Keats The Eve of St Agnes?

Studying human physiology uses a different linguistic register to look at literature and life, creating new insights and a different perspective.

How about using physiology to frame and deconstruct Madeline’s and Porphyro’s behaviours in Keats’s narrative poem, The Eve of Saint Agnes, for this literary classic?

Check out and enjoy this experimental video experience:



Enhancing cognizance and new thinking
By describing key elements in the video like character movements and facial expressions, text or graphics on the screen, and other key visual information essential to the understanding of the video, audio description narrates visual information aiding cognition, facilitating a variety of learning styles for all viewers, as well of meeting the needs for blind and low-vision viewers. 
Audio description, captions, and transcripts benefit everyone by improving understanding and learning.
As an explicit feature, I wanted to use as many signs and codes as possible to make audiences and viewers think, have a response, and interact with the media. The 3PlayMedia services for captions and audio descriptions enhance the impact and outcomes.



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