Good Friday's Blizzard Birth
Joanne Martin Teaching Awards Winner Enterprise Education

The future King of England is presenting the honours


Life and the quality of life are the driving force


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Travelling in the early morning rush hour traffic in a black London taxi gazing at life.

The miasma, vibrations, noise, and the chaos of this speeding metropolis is delivering a profound sense of urgency and energy.

The sound of roaring engines in the traffic and rubber burning on the hot tarmac is creating a toxic haze.



Commercial, businesses, and bureaucracies are powering the nation going work in the city.

What is happening here? Where are all these people going?

Vehicles, cycles, and pedestrians are displaying codes, signs, and symbols showing status, wealth, and cultures.

City stockbrokers are revving their red Ferraris making their exhaust roar with delivery drivers in their white Sprinter vans dangerously tailgating.  Fuming, polluting diesel logistic lorries are dashing goods to warehouses. They are ferocious, jealousy competing for precious road space.

Gangs of school children laden with their bags are waiting for red buses and mothers are pushing prams guiding infants going to nurseries.

Leaving the semi-detached suburban houses and driving North on the A3 passing prosperous commuter towns into the south London suburbs towards River Thames we are making a historical journey along a route displaying the history of England.








Suddenly flying past Nelson's Column driving into the money and wealth of Pall Mall we are arriving.

At Buckingham Palace checking in with the police, we are here. Guardsmen and Gurkha soldiers are greeting guests and after climbing from the courtyard passing galleries of Rembrandt's and into stunning dining rooms thinking about the presidents, royalty and the elite diplomatic banquets with the King and Queen, destinations end.

Feeling at ease with these people and what they stand for. That is my lives work; making things happen, having a positive impact through outcomes making the world a better place.

Being directed left into the award chambers, my family disappear. With some of the world's best classic paintings, bankers, industrialists, inventors, actors, and athletes, there is a drinks reception.

With military precision and gravitas, the duty officer is delivering a briefing with stunning clarity on what to expect during the investiture. Surprise murmuring breaks out while announcing the future King of England is presenting the honours.




I take it, smiling, enjoying the moment. How have I managed this?

But then, thinking of those incredible people, exceptional teams, and outstanding organisations, their precious work deserving recognition, it is their achievement. Life and the quality of life are the driving force.


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