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Joanne Martin Teaching Awards Winner Enterprise Education


Joanne Martin Highfurlong School Blackpool




Joanne, on behalf of generations of students, their parents, families, Highfurlong School staff, and many, many supporting organisations, a huge thank you for your commitment, dedication, passion, and unique talent in making dramatic improvements for this extended community.

You are a legend!


Together with the fantastic, creative Highfurlong team, you have a talent for nurturing highly effective, collaborative working and involving a wide range of private, public and charity agencies. It is a brilliant support network for young people with disabilities.

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By developing an exemplary enterprise education, work-related curriculum and student mentoring, Joanne created a superb framework for delivering life skills within a robust context.

This pedagogy created the ethos and the reputation of Highfurlong School as you know it today:

However, for me, what makes exceptional people stand out from the crowd, is their concern for the care, health, and well-being of their pupils. By adapting routines and integrating these into customised education - care packages, Joanne and her staff have broken the glass ceiling and dramatically enhanced the quality of life by opening doors to new opportunities.



Joanne Martin Teaching Awards Winner Enterprise Education



Students and her colleagues adore and hold Joanne Martin in awe because of her commitment, drive, energy, and passion in teaching. She is totally committed to providing the absolute best opportunities for her pupils. Everyone knows this and respects her. Joanne also works exceptionally long hours and texts people in the middle of the night to ensure that things get done. Pupils adore her because of her exciting, motivating lessons. They also get top rankings in the school’s classroom observations because of the engagement of the students in their activities. This impacts upon young people’s accreditation and their outstanding progress. There are high expectations, ambitious standards and high-quality outcomes. (Feedback for a range of exam boards, visiting moderators etc.)


Here is a brief resume of achievements:

  • Did you know through Joanne’s contacts, Highfurlong students sat around the Cabinet table at 10 Downing Street with Ed Balls on the launch of nation's The Children’s Plan?

  • Has been a charity director

  • Supported the Children’s Commissioner in the Houses of Parliament

  • Contributed to the 14-19 National Curriculum consultations

The challenge for the new emerging stars of Highfurlong School is to take over successfully to build and extend your magnificent work.

Joanne good luck in your retirement.

Best regards

Eddy Jackson




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