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Farmyard Ales Brewery Bar At Cockerham Near Lancaster Lancashire LA2 0ER

Farmyard Ales Cockerham Lancashire England




The dynamic key-workers from Farmyard Ales delivering vital goods during the age of the COVID-19 lockdown supplied respite to beleaguered households. They did a fantastic trade delivering ale to customers hunkered down during quarantine.

Check out the statistics and rates of contagion. The rural district of Wyre has one of the lowest levels of disease infection in the country. Is there a link?

Order online and before you can get the drinking glasses out these people deliver the goods. Here is a top-quality service that deserves recognition and a commendation. What about the George Medal for saving the community?

Farmyard Ales Cockerham Lancashire England


My son commandeered one of the grown-up’s cars and astutely set up the map app for directions for a magical mystery tour down narrow, twisting lanes onto the moss south of Morecambe Bay. Here there are big skies, a flat panoramic vista with views north to the Lakeland Mountains and east to the Duke of Westminster’s private shooting ranges on the Bowland Fells.



Why even think about visiting those places when heaven is in your local backyard. Would you believe it? By chance, our party was the first over the threshold to be met by polite, helpful, smiling, and chatty appreciative staff. Excellent, that is what I need and how I rate businesses.

Who tolerates mediocrity? In whatever form, lousy service and low standards are unacceptable.

Farmyard ales become even better when you sample and taste their exquisite, pristine beers from the taps. Looking for a staycation or an alternative day trip, set your GPS or point your app to this oasis. It is one of the best.

Planning for a birthday party here is now complete.

Do not forget to go online and order. I like the contemporary style of cans. My neighbour up the lane prefers their bottled beer.


The Farmyard Ales bar overlooks the brewery


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