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Asta and the Celtic Raid


Oral Storytelling - The Dark Ages

In the oral storytelling tradition, the narrative set in the dark ages in the area south of the Lakeland Cumbrian Mountains; Lancaster, the Bowland Fells, and the winding River Wyre develops universal themes that are prevalent today.

The plot is about tribal identity, conflict, and agency.

The audiences' imagination and creativity, in the spirit of Bertolt Brecht, is encouraged in this experimental media project.



Escaping from existing in a mundane world influenced by lazy habits and routines, the aim is to examine the concepts of hegemony and free will. Firstly, by locating their development in the history of communities and society. Secondly, by considering how individual personal agency interacts with authority, control, power, domination, and sovereignty.

A magical eco-system using Hegelian dialectics frames the context.



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