Isla A Nine-Week-Old Border Terrier Puppy Chilling in Garden
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Dog New Border Terrier Puppy Chilling in Basket


Isla Border Terrier Puppy Ten Weeks Old WEB

Isla A Ten-Week-Old Border Terrier Puppy


Dog News

Good temperament and a gentle personality are the crucial characteristics when mixing with children. Respect, empathy, understanding and clear rules for successful interactions need to be established early on between the dog and humans.

Strict supervision by an adult to monitor the dynamics is a prerequisite.


Exhausted and tired after an energetic play session with grandchildren


Twitter Post 

'DOG NEWS Phew! Chilling after playing hide and seek games with the wee grandkids the garden.  They didn’t catch me! Isla, the fast-growing Border Terrier puppy.'


The week ended successfully and was playful fun for everyone.

A number one guiding principle when looking for a dog is the quality of interaction and relationship with children.

Border Terriers are noted for these features.

Isla's breeder had children the same age as the grandchildren above. On visits, a three-year-old infant confidently and routinely handled the puppies in the house. It was this that confirmed that this was where we buy the puppy.

On hindsight, everything at present is working out well. The anxieties, dilemmas, and decision-making in searching for the right dog - puppy are an important part of the journey.

The best decision and major learning point are saying no and walking away from anything that is not right. 

After viewing a beautiful looking animal that had a capricious temperament and volatile personality and saying no immediately, things changed for the better.

Check out and use the Kennel Club's guidelines. They are excellent and necessary in searching for good breeders.

Make sure you see the puppies indoors in a house that has warm and caring social interactions between the breeders and puppies.


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