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Dog New Border Terrier Puppy Chilling in Basket

Isla A Nine-Week-Old Border Terrier Puppy Chilling in Garden

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Isla Eight-Week-Old Border Terrier Puppy in Garden


High on a sheep farm in the Fintry Hills, Stirlingshire, eight, three-week-old Border Terrier puppies are suckling from Luna, the shaggy coated mother.



Border Terrier puppy chilling in the garden in the Autumn sun

The breeders welcome us and proudly introduced their extended family and terriers.

A long tradition of successfully breeding runs in the family. Being first-time buyers, we are nervous but reassured by their advice and ability. My knees were trembling with excitement and anticipation. It was my first ever dog.

Puppy resting - sleeping

In the snug farmhouse, the three-year-old farmer's daughter scrambles into the crate to retrieve a puppy. We are one of the first to visit, and it is hard to choose a puppy. The infant hands us the puppy, and it is a girl.




Leaving Mother and litter driving to a new home

We name her Isla to celebrate her Celtic heritage and to have an easily called name.


Isal-Border-Terrier-Puppy-On door-map
Puppy catching the warm sun by the backdoor

My family and the Kennel Club insisted on visiting to see the puppies with their mother and her environment. Three visits! These were all exciting adventures and great experiences. Do check out and spend time in the Stirlingshire and the Trossachs.



What do puppy's do when they are not active - sleep


It has been a long and worthwhile journey. Sadly, the beautiful dogs we visited at the Dogs Trust did not meet the essential criteria of being suitable with grandchildren.

Life has taken a new and welcome direction now. Living with Isla enriches emotional intelligence and enhances the awareness of the outdoor environment. Perhaps, having a puppy should have happened a long time ago?

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