Asta A.D. 800 Dark Ages 3 Key Questions
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7 Geography psychology Asta Dark Ages Resilience Story


7 Geography psychology Asta Dark Ages Resilience Story





The story and the plots located in the area of Morecambe Bay and around the River Lune and to the South the River Wyre. And to the East is Ingleborough. And to the West Morecambe Bay and the scope of the story includes the Isle of Man, Walney Island, Piel Island, the Lune, the River Wyre, the Bowland Fells, and Ingleborough. Today will be to try and develop a modern approach to oral storytelling. The essential characteristic features must be compelling, deliver powerful emotional hooks, and excellent development of a plot story by telling a personal voyage of discovery with the characters overcoming challenges and having a powerful epiphany with redemption and learning points.

And how can we as an audience or viewer apply these to our own personal lives? The story and audio content will be added and supported by multimedia, photography, videos, visual images, sound effects. And what we hope to do is develop and produce a range of multimedia new stories in a genre of Homer, Greek literature, and the biblical tales. The object is to produce about seven short episodes, each of about two or three minutes long as a free online interactive story.


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