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Catherine Dobson Wellbeing Wheel Mental health organizational audit for the workplace and individuals

Catherine Dobson Chartered Psychologist - The Wellbeing Wheel


Catherine Dobson - Introduction to the Wellbeing Wheel 





How the Wellbeing Wheel™ can be used

  1. By individuals - As a way of helping individuals understand their own wellbeing and a starting point for making changes in their life

  2. By managers and chief executives - as a way of gaining an overall impression of wellbeing across an organisation; identifying individuals who are experiencing difficulties and highlighting aspects of the organisation that appear to be impeding or promoting performance.

  3. By business and sports coaches, trainers and therapists – an additional tool to support their practice or use within training programmes.

  4. By researchers - as a tool to investigate how people experience wellbeing

Comments from participants

  1. I like how the Wheel is structured.

  2. Adrian 26:00 to 26:45 – I am an executive coach…. the Wheel is helpful in getting the conversation started with people; so much is going on and their heads are full of stuff; they don’t quite know where they want to be or what is the issue that they want to address; this gives a good starter.

  3.  Andy 27:01 – this can be filled out by tow people (employee and manager) and you can see the gap.

  4. Chris M 38:09 – mental wellbeing is a difficult conversation for men…..the Wheel as a dual purpose (providing 360deg feedback) ….the Wheel takes it (the conversation about mental wellbeing) away from the person….for coaching purposes, the headings might need to change or have additional headings….this would be useful to highlight areas across the business that need to be addressed.

  5. Debbie 42:22-43:23 – when working with teams and team leaders, it’s important that the manager has self-awareness….I am happy to contribute to the study group



A Zoom recording of a study group



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