Asta Dark Ages Celt Vikings Angels Tale
Making Choices Free Personal Social Education Student Workbook

Asta's Revenge Dark Ages Vikings and Picts Marauders Number 7



In the spirit of OuLiPo - experimental language using every seventh word (Not necessarily nouns) from long-form.


Asta's revenge

Dark Ages

Vikings Picts

Shivering deep

Cries echoing

Pillow taking

Night silent

Scaling stockade

Blades screaming

Entering stumbling

Blood ending

Gurgling being

Burning fingers

Hell storming

Gingerly world

Torching bodies

Nightmares never

Infernos flesh




Barns birds

Safety escape

Spotting pigeons

roe deer

propping away

Hill burning

Flames escapade

Leading party

Lodge fabled

Dense lakes

Best prey

Skies signs

Beautiful hair

Aching warm

Fading humming

Mind consciousness

Attack happening

In imagination

Time warmth

Evil bodies

Pitiful angel

Help two

Discussing Staying

Safe option

Gyda positive

Roe-deer luckily

moss-covered Rowing

leathercraft birds

keeping past

pools sandy

flee handing

petrels glinting

blue west

moon cove

evil Magnus

plan magical

heroic friendships

alliances heritage

toward swallows

northern Gyda

Mountains high

Northern strive

Magnus information

Gyda save




Whales across

Sandy eyes

Leading camp

Coordinating secretly

brigand's riding

Fearlessly rescuers

Creeping den

Trembling brave

Surrounding rescuers

Drunken whales

Waves crying

Privation eagle

Celts forest

Independence people

Victory beginning




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