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Philosophical tools for media photography video production


Unlocking creative thinking

Unlocking creative thinking

Following a prolonged pneumonia infection whose violent attacks created significant additional complications, the recovery phase gave me lots of time to think.

The long period of treatment, rest, and recuperation was helped by the reading and following a History of Ideas course, from London Review Book. It focused on significant peoples’ contributions in developing new ways of examining the world. All intellectual and profound that is supported by regular video lectures highlighting the key themes by David Runcie who is Professor at Cambridge University.


Thinking about the word world in new and different ways

 The outcomes helped me look and think about the word world in new and different ways with new perceptual filters and philosophical tools.

 What I want to do now is use these and look at how I can use media, photography, and video in new ways by experimenting, pushing the boundaries, and creating new ways of looking at, and examining the world.

 Also, to creatively use contemporary technology by developing original processes to develop and produce this content. For example, right now, I am recording this written–typed text by delivering a voice recording using the Hindenburg app on my iPhone. The next phase uses Bluetooth to import the unedited audio into an Apple Mac Air laptop. After a quick sound quality check, I playback this recording directly in Microsoft Word using its built-in mic to get a transcript.

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