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Sappho the Ancient Greek poetess Sappho contemporised

Sappho, the Ancient Greek poet Sappho contemporised



Sappho the Ancient Greek poetess contemporised

In a contemporary verse, I shall dwell,
On the words of Sappho, her stories to tell.
Through the corridors of time, they have soared,
With longing and love, her heartstrings outpoured.

Gazing upon the moon's ethereal gleam,
Sappho's verses dance, like a lucid dream.
She unraveled secrets, the desire she knew,
A poetess divine, her words ringing true.




From distant shores, with passion she yearned,
Her verses ignited, the passion she churned.
In words untamed, her emotions unfurled,
A symphony of longing that set souls awhirl.

Lost in time, silent fragments are found,
Yet whispers of her voice sublimely resound.
I'll attempt to complete her unfinished lines,
In a tapestry of words, a dance that defines.

"Come close and let me hear your gentle sigh,
Whisper promises that forever shall lie,
In the realms where love knows no boundary,
United in dreams, our souls shall run free.

Like wildflowers dancing in the summer sun,
Our love will bloom, a river overflows as one.
Through every twist and turn, forever entwined,
In love's embrace, our spirits aligned.

With every beat of the heart, a love divine,
Our souls aflame, like stars that forever shine.
No distance can tear us apart, we are bound,
In a love that forever echoes, profound.

In the shadows of night, we find solace near,
Into the darkness, our love holds no fear.
For even in silence, our souls will collide,
In the sacred realm where passion resides.

So let these words complete Sappho's plead,
In a contemporary flow, her desires we read.
Her legacy lives on, in whispers and sighs,
Forever entwined, our hearts reach the skies."


Idnetity & self-discovery

Best regards,

Eddy Jackson


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