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Hey There Hateful Noisy Media Number 3 | Fake News & Propaganda Education

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Peacefully thriving in harmony by loving, using rationality in freeing minds.

Hey there loud offensive media I am going under drowning from your extremist fictions kicking around
my mine. Go now, get out of my mind; you are much too ignorant. I am fighting to discover a new real
world? By guiding, reasoning, informing my decision making it’s creating a new path to escape to a heavenly
peaceful paradise. Exploring new thinking surfacing free from tyranny by questioning threatening beliefs.
Listen to the chimes of freedom. Do not raise your voice. Stop megaphone bullying with vindictive symbols
of hate. Ignorance needs education. Peacefully thriving in harmony by loving, using rationality in freeing 
minds. Exposing false narratives and winning. Now creating stronger communities.

Eddy Jackson 2020


Hey there hateful noisy media Number 3 fake news propaganda education from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.


Language has many functions. David Crystal's (2007) linguistics synopsis articulates these. They are reflected in the production of these word experiments and their associated multi-media productions.

All the written experimental content is framed by the work of eminent philosophers and by seeking spirituality to counter nihilism, alienation, ignorance, hatred, and division. 

The driver and catalyst for this approach are personal responses from the zeitgeist scenarios that are amplified by bots, fake news, propaganda, clickbait, the press, government, and PR agencies.

Production outcomes evolve from the fusion of language and thinking by integrating new ideas from across our linguistic heritage:


  1. Expressing thought processes.

  2.  Recording facts.

  3.  Expressing emotions.

  4.  Playing.

  5.  Controlling reality.

  6.  Expressing rapport.

  7.  Expressing identity.

  8.  Expressing sounds by

  9. Experimenting with technology.


The deliberate fusion of these layers of communication aims to elicit responses from audiences. Unlike viewers in passivity watching cinema, television and, streaming service, the desired objective of this pedagogy is to deliberately encourage, provoke, ask difficult questions, and be a positive educational resource in facilitating new insights and solutions.

Resilience Emotional Wellbeing


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Freeing minds exposing false narratives Number 1


Stop megaphone bullying & Fake News





In a time where radical manifestos are simply not credible, there is a need to, “Stop giving equal time to lies.” A great principle for 2020 states Gavin Esler.


Hey there hateful noisy media


I am going under drowning

From your extremist fictions

Kicking around my mine.


Go now, get out of my mine

You are much too ignorant

I am fighting discovering

A new real world.


By guiding reasoning

Informing decision making

Creating a new path to escape

To a heavenly peaceful paradise.



Discovering new thinking

Surfacing free from tyranny

Questioning threatening beliefs.

Listen to the chimes of freedom.


Do not raise your voice

Stop megaphone bullying

With vindictive symbols of hate

Ignorance needs education.


Peacefully thriving in harmony

Loving using rationality

Freeing minds exposing false narratives

Winning creating stronger communities.




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Creating informing minds needs your attention to thrive Number 2



How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning - Fake News




Experimenting, playing with, and integrating language by using audio, printed, and visual media in the spirit of Bertolt Brecht’s pedagogy helps in creating reflective, thoughtful audience responses.

In producing this experimental genre through the critical application and development of language by morphing the characteristics of poems and prose leads to dramatically witnessing contemporary life through a surreal filter.

There is a strong emphasis on the image over the narrative.

The process becomes stronger when reading this new media aloud and designing an echoing pattern for a more rounded effect.

Here there is a sharp contrast between using the best words in the best order: poetry and in comparing words in their best order: prose.

Powerful feelings are poetry’s strength. What if these can flow from margin to margin free from rhyme and metre? The prose poem is the third way and becomes the guiding beacon for this experimental media. LogicPro and FCP support this process.



How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning


How does it feel

Going under drowning

From extremist fictions

Kicking around my mine?


Gasping fighting

Desperately thinking

Reasoning informing hope

Over false statements.


How does it feel

Living new worlds

Surfacing free from tyranny

Overcoming threatening beliefs?


Falsely misappropriating ideas

Stop megaphone bullying

Echoing in a shallow cave

Whose villainous values are these?


How does it feel

Rising from the stormy seas

Gasping fresh air

Feeding the brain?


Living in peace harmony and love

Thoughtfully using rationality

Creating informing minds

Needs your attention to thrive.




The above is the first draft of a developmental series. The work and video finale is informed by great philosophical thinkers and applying their concepts to our contemporary zeitgeist:

“But once we allow ourselves to be guided by reason, we will begin to see that the ‘greatest good’ must be ‘common to all’, and ‘enjoyed by all equally’. We will realise that no one will live happily without ‘mutual aid’, and that the only guarantor of freedom is a ‘state’ in which everyone agrees to be ‘led as if by one mind’ and to abide by the ‘common decision’. In the meantime the wise will have to wait, but – ‘insofar as they are wise’ – they will know that in the long run things are bound to get better.”
Jonathan Rée



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UK Christmas Ads On YouTube



The Christmas videos produced by John Lewis, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and others are the highlight of the year for me.

I think that there is real competition between them to produce the most entertaining. For me, the sentimentalities of the Yule Tide seasonal activities create a warm glow of well-being and consideration for others.


Christmas 2019 Ad | Waitrose & Partners and John Lewis & Partners



M&S | Christmas Advert 2019 | Go Jumpers for Christmas!


Very.co.uk Christmas Advert 2019 | Get More Out of Giving


Nicholas the Sweep | Sainsbury’s | Christmas 2019


Selfridges Presents: Future Fantasy - A Christmas for Modern Times


Let's Make Christmas Extra Special I Asda Christmas TV Advert 2019


Iceland's Christmas Ad 2019 - #Magicoffrozen


#JDComesAlive | JD Christmas TV Advert 2019


Boots UK Christmas TV Ad 2019 | Introducing Bootiques by Boots. #GiftLikeYouGetThem | Boots UK


Do you have a favourite? What do you like?


However, you may not like the commercialisation, and the commodification. But that’s life.

I hope you enjoy this choice of Christmas videos.

For a different slant, check out seasonal pop videos at the Lancshire Speakers Club website.

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Nuclear Families and the Extended Family



My reflections of a niece returning home to her birthplace and a family gathering.   




Last week thirty-two extended family members celebrated the return to the UK of one of its loved relations. Babies, great grandparents, proud parents, brothers, and sisters shared the jubilation and joy of seeing someone they love who emigrated to Queensland ten years ago. 

It was a poignant occasion. 


A mother, grandmother, aunty, and sister-in-law - The importance of family


Image - Cousins at family renuion

Everybody enjoyed the occasion.

They cared for these distant relatives. 

I think for many, it was a powerful and touching event. 

Families are important. 

After everyone left, I was left thinking, considering, and reviewing why people travelled hundreds and for some, tens of thousands of miles. 

During the darkness that night, I think I had a personal revelation, an epiphany, and redemption about the influence and power of blood ties and families. I may have neglected this in my earlier life. 

For some considerable time since urbanisation, the impact of work, careers, and jobs, lifestyle have disturbed and disrupted the concept of family. 

Roles and responsibilities have become more fluid. 

Yet, the nuclear family and through blood ties, the extended family still has significance.

Do you benefit from or support relations? 

A grand/great grandmother and mother on family relations.


Quote by a Mother, Grandmother, Aunty, and Sister-in-Law:

"I think family is very important. It is like the social glue that binds everybody together. I think the relationship you have with the different generations very important, especially as you get older it helps you stay young and in contact with new and up to date things. And I think when we have large family gatherings, it's good to see everybody that's related to you."

Are blood ties, across families important?



A grandson and lost grandfather


Learning Resource Videos


Here are free educational videos to support your lessons plans:


HD Education Vimeo Collections - Ad Free for Schools, Colleges, and home learning

Geography Portal Videos

Curriculum Learning Resources

School Assembly Videos


Education PR for Academies and Schools

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Free LifeStyle Work Book PSHE RE Health Education Lesson Plan Learning Resources

Enquiry based student tasks using multimedia learning resources encouraging the use of encyclopaedias, textbooks, dictionaries, specialist Internet sites, CD-ROMs and a range of learning and teaching styles.


Designed and Produced by Eddy Jackson.

 PSHE RE Health Education Lesson Plan Learning Resources

Download LifeStyle WorkBook 2020

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Also available:


Healthy Living - How to survive sex, drugs and alcohol

Our World - racism and cultural diversity

Making Choices


Careers Education - Key skills 

Citizenship - Minority Rights


Early Years 

Special Educational Needs




Specialist Internet sites, e-Bulletins and updates support all compact discs.


New media learning resources for Citizenship, Careers Education, PSE, Early Years and Personal and Social Education using key skills.


Download LifeStyle WorkBook 2020

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Digital Assembly Resources for Educators SMSC PSHE Learning Resources for Assemblies and Circle Time



Assembly and Circle Time  - Free SMSC PSHE Lesson Plans and Scheme of Work

Assembly Concept and Theme: Me

Start with the learner’s immediate needs and the environment. Present, discuss and highlight the importance of the family, the home, friendship, care, love, warmth and kindness to others, personal likes and dislikes in food, clothes and events

Free Lesson Plans and Scheme of Work

Download Digital Assembly Resources for Educators SMSC PSHE Learning Resources for Assemblies and Circle Time





Assembly Concept and Theme: Me

Links and Relationship Circle time, PSE, Citizenship, Health Education. Early Years Curriculum.

Key Words me, brother, sister, mum, dad, friend, care, kind, love, like, do not like

Activity Learning Objectives

Powerpoint Video and Poster Download

Download ME SMSC PSHE Learning resources Digital Assemblies for Educators


To respond to visual/ auditory/ tactile stimuli by eye/movement or vocalisation.

To focus/eye point visual stimuli

To focus on the video, big book, adult, photographs.

Taste and Smell

To respond to tastes and smells by eye/movement or vocalisation.


To respond to tactile stimuli by eye/movement or vocalisation. To reach for tactile stimuli.

To mouth and explore by hand tactile stimuli.


To be able to join in songs and rhymes. To join in actions/ PCS symbols.

To listen and join in the activities. To follow instructions

To eye point/point or vocalise family members.

To be able to act out stories with puppets or role- play.

To be aware of ‘me’ through feelings, emotions and reactions to events with parents, friends, class mates, favourite toys.

To be able to point to and/ or name body parts.

Resources and Development

Use structured activities from the communications, literacy, topic, art, music & movement lessons to provide familiar and practise skills to develop a better understanding of themselves, their body, their actions and emotions.

Develop concept of ‘Me’: my family, my friends, and my class. Who I am? Where I live.

Present a selection of choices such as food, clothes, toys, etc. compile an inventory of likes and dislikes.

Progress the theme by using images, symbols and text of the above, sort into sets

Articulate a range of emotions: happiness, sadness, pain, feeling good, and likes/dislikes, through reading and role- playing stories.



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Public Speaking Communication Skills

South Lancaster Speakers Club topic

Speakers Club Education and Training - South Lancaster Speakers Club


The South Lancaster Speakers Club's Education Director, Diana Douglas, led a specialist training event aimed at developing public speaking and communications skills to enhance confidence and presentation skills.

The topic of 'Water' was given to the SLSC members who had ten minutes to prepare their speeches:


Diana is a long serving member of the Association of Speakers Club winning many awards for her expertise in speaking. She is a founder member of the new Lancashire Speakers Club.




Further details are available on the Speakers Club Facebook page and their website.

Here is Diana in action.



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South Lancaster Speakers Club


The launch of the new South Lancaster Speakers Club Website and Social Media


The 5 4° N o r t h  S t u d i o is proud to announced its latest project:


Rhetoric, the principles of training communicators—those seeking to persuade or inform; in the 20th century it has undergone a shift of emphasis from the speaker or writer to the auditor or reader.

Definition of rhetoric

1the art of speaking or writing effectively: such as

athe study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times

bthe study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion

2askill in the effective use of speech

ba type or mode of language or speech also insincere or grandiloquent language

3verbal communication DISCOURSE




Promoting and marketing the South Lancaster Speakers Club - Launch of a new website

and on Facebook
and the Vimeo Public Speaking Album


Public Speaking

South Lancaster Speakers Club offers tuition from some highly experienced public speakers for people to develop the art of public speaking in a positive, friendly and stimulating environment. Catering from beginners and novices through to those who are already proficient in public speaking. All of whom can quickly reap the benefits of such valuable and lasting training in many different ways, to literally
transform their own lives for the better.

There can be definite goals for which people are seeking self-improvements, such as:-

 Wonderful training for thinking and speaking on one’s feet.

 Receive widespread coaching in many salient features on the
authoring and delivery of pre-prepared speeches.

 Gain improvements in personal performances at university or job
interviews and applications;

 Make a difference and speak up with confidence, enthusiasm and
conviction at business meetings;

 Deliver business presentations to a high standard;

 Seize opportunities to practice and develop in the chairing of

 Create and deliver a wedding speech with style and polish;

 Give a moving and heartfelt reading, meaningful tribute or full
eulogy at a funeral.

 Deliver a lively and welcoming toast and announcement to guests
at a special event;

 Make a winning complaint to convince and influence others with
lobbying for key improvements to be made.

 Or even for the purposes of pure indulgence to entertain and
share with others your own thoughts, passions and humour.

 Obtain ongoing self-fulfilment in writing your own material
instead of interpreting others.

 Not only quickly conquer any fears of public speaking but to
channel any butterflies to enhance an exciting and enjoyable
means of self-expression.



Mark Rogers Actor and Public Speaker


Reach out and make contact now:

and on Facebook
and the Vimeo Public Speaking Album


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360 Video Storytelling


Man with hand up


360-Degree Videos and Storytelling


"I think we're moving into a dangerous

medium with virtual reality.”

           Stephen Speilberg





The 360 video medium is dangerous. It allows viewers to make choices to control their own decisions where to gaze. You do not have to follow the storyteller's or director’s gaze. 360 video technology creates new opportunities and ways of interacting.

Presence – The Key Feature

A core principle for 360 videos creators is evoking emotional responses from the spirit of the space, its vibes, and energy. It is the prompting of new sensory insights and responses to the characters or landscape in the new 360 domain.  These are not from viewing a traditional series of linear events.

Productions, stories, or features created in 360 VR need a fitting story aura to match the new possibilities of the medium.

Unlike the traditional linear photoshoots or film production recounting events, the mantra for 360, is about something illustrating new perspectives, different insights, and concepts from alternative storytelling viewpoints.




Agency To Create New Perspectives

Here the audience can construct their meaning and understanding through interacting with the 360 space. The task of the video maker or storyteller is to provide choice, opportunities, and the possibility of derivative sub-stories emerging.

What are the merits of 360 videos, VR, and AR?

By creating viewers with personal agency, producers are allowing other possibilities to emerge from the exploration of the story’s content. New frameworks are about structuring exploration of new experiences.




Storytelling Deconstruction

The deconstruction of the old storytelling formulae is the starting place. Experiences of the viewer’s presence come first with the story following their perceptions within the 360-degree video.

“It’s storytelling captured in a medium that can highlight or enhance aspects of a place, time, or event”.

                                                                                                                                                                           NYT VR


VR video allows you to experience the space with a greater percentage of realism.





360-degree videos are about immersion, presence, and new perceptions. It can be manipulated allowing viewers to be active, gaining new insights, and creating their own stories.




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