Environmental Videos

Here is a Manchester writer advocating positive action to address the Kafkaesque deep state machinations against the sick, poor, disabled, single parents, the unemployed, and their children. The narrative captures the Zeitgeist in reflecting the findings of authoritative reports. Read more →

Used first as an ornamental plant. It took until the twentieth century before being widely used as a food source. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and are an essential ingredient for many recipes. There are French claims that tomatoes, pomme d’amour (love apple), is an aphrodisiac. Read more →

Outdoor Education. The Principal of Bendrigg Lodge delivers a voice over for a walk throw video on the centre's new accessible accommodation. The aim is for young people to make well-informed actions within the context of the outdoor centre’s activities. By reviewing all the essential information, careful, and well-informed decisions are made to successfully tackle challenges. Read more →

The boat’s dinghy enhanced the trip by allowing the crew to have great fun to access and reach the most incredible places. Without the highly functional davits, it would be hard work launching and retrieving the tender. Simply, un-tie two lines to easily lower or raise. The process is stunningly quick compared to the labour-intensive alternatives. How do you waste your time and efforts by faffing around? Read more →

Can you make positive things happen? Or, are you restricted by circumstances? How can you improve the quality of life and the environment? Action and commitment from local people who care about their environment and others improves the quality of life. What positive actions and commitments can individuals take to help them self and others? Is it possible to overcome the restrictions of families, local communities, or the culture of the wider society? Read more →

Hydrologic Water Cycle Geography Videos

Oceans, lakes, and rivers cover over 70% of the earth’s surface. Evaporation moves water from the surface into the air as vapour. Clouds may form. Rain and snow carry water back to the surface. The process is called the hydrological or water cycle. Use your words to define and describe this. How and where people live is determined by their water supply. Assess a globe and a world map to consider the implications. Explain how lack of water for home, industry, and farming is an important issue. Evaluate sustainability and the management of water supplies to communities may create tensions. Read more →

Earth has been recycling liquid water, as solid ice, or as a gas vapour for billions of years. When you drink a glass of water, think who may have tasted it before you. A polar bear, a brontosaurus, a Viking, farm animals, or an ancient city dweller? Water Cycle The water hydrolic cycle describes the circulation of the planet’s water. Read more →

Dirty Glaciers - A Ground Level Video

Filming glaciers on a cold, windy spring day near Mount Cook, illustrated the powerful impact of nature’s attrition. South Island, NZ, and its rugged environment is the outcome of these awesome physical forces. The story also relates to global warming and the shrinking of the earth’s heritage of ice and snow. Over time, research indicates climate changes and significant variations. Glaciers are the product of climate. Right now in the age of the Anthropocene, snow, ice and glaciers are in retreat. The video shows glacial areas that could not be filmed fifty years ago. Near the peaks, snow still accumulates to produce panoramic white expanses. However, lower down on the glacier, the melting water shows the outcome of the temperature rising. Read more →

A hot summers day in an English country garden presented a strong framework for a focus on butterflies, bees and the macro photography of them on flowers. The Nikon 200mm f/4 ED-IF AF Micro-NIKKOR lens is may favourite lens for consistently producing new perspectives and unexpected images. Read more →

Skiddaw Lake District Wheel Chair Ascent

Tom Green, a twenty five year old with cerebral palsy, is attempting a wheel chair ascent of Skiddaw in the Lake District. The aim is to raise money for a dementia charity. With the support of Bendrigg Lodge and the Calvert Trust, two specialist outdoor centres for people with disabilities, Tom will use one of their modified reinforced wheel chairs and will under the expert guidance of the centre's staff for the event. Ten helpers will assist the four and half hour ascent. Read more →