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Map of the Roman Road in rural Cabus Lancashire



History is on your doorstep. Cutting through the Lancashire countryside in rural Cabus, just west of Scorton and Nicky Nook is a Roman Road.

A public footpath now follows its route. It passes to the rear of the Patten Arms pub on the Cockerham Road.

On a glorious Spring day, Cabus Parish Councillor, Louise Jackson, takes you on a nature walk and an intriguing history your across farmers' fields. Roman soldiers, chariots, traders, and drovers have used this.

Check out Lancashire's heritage with this Cabus footpath guide. View video on Vimeo.




Louise Jackson's history and nature video on the Cabus Roman Road



Louise delivered this presentation as part of the public speaking challenge below. You can take part.




From the South Lancaster Speakers Club

To prevent cabin-fever in the time of COVID-19 lock-down, overcome curfew restrictions, and self-isolation here is an invitation to escape to another world.



The rationale and purpose are to stimulate you intellectually, have some fun, and to promote the enjoyment of public speaking to a broader audience.



During the week record a short uplifting speech or share written content. Let’s open this public speaking challenge up to anybody if they are interested. Contributors do not have to be a member.

Share speeches and recordings directly onto the South Lancaster Speakers Club Facebook page and website.

Contact if you need support.





1. Subjects and issues that interest you.

2. Content from responsible, verified sources.

3. Topical issues.



Using either FB or the comment form below on this website, to give positive and supportive feedback in the spirit of the club’s ethos.

Think about your personal development in public speaking, being active, and in making a positive contribution to society.

Are you up for the 2020 Public Speaking Challenge? Try it now!

Good luck!


Eddy Jackson

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Wild Boars Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England




Wild Boar Forest of Dean


If you go into the forest what will you see?

How do you feel when you sense the forest’s miasma, with its boggy swamps between its brooding dark trees, holding back the light?

Here is a refuge for wild boars.

Can you see their tracks in the dark hidden places?



Wild Boar Tracks Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England


Babbling brooks, hidden lakes and boggy swamps are their playgrounds.

What other creatures live here?

Frogs and toads.

Hooting owls, long-tailed tits.



Visitor in the Forest of Dean Searching For Wild Boars


As Greta Thunberg, the cult environmental teenage hero sails into the United Nations conference in Spain, we are yomping into the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England.

Here is a magnificent outdoor playground.

What histories does it hide?

Who toiled laboured here? Where are they now?

Where have the mines, quarries, and furnaces gone?



Deer Tracks In The Forest of Dean


What goes on during the witching hour in this mysterious dark place?

What eyes are watching you?

Which silent creatures lurk here?

Whose ears are listening for your approach?



Wild Boar Guide Forest of Dean Gloucestershire And Lydney Cricket Club Legend


Is your wind-blown scent alerting them?

Are the frogs and toads, screeching owls, and grunting boars, tormented by goblins, dwarfs, and faeries in the glooming?

Or is it the wild boars scavenging with sure-footed deer running from danger?


Wild Boar Video

Here is an experimental video edited in FCPX with audio mixed in Logic Pro. 






The Sheditor In The Forest of Dean Gloucestershire



Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Universal Credit The British Social Underclass By Gary Knapton A Manchester Writer



Gary Knapton Manchester Writer Universal Credit Advice Support




Here is a Manchester writer advocating positive action to address the Kafkaesque deep state machinations against the sick, poor, disabled, single parents, the unemployed, and their children. The narrative captures the Zeitgeist in reflecting the findings of authoritative reports.


From Under A Cloud At Heartbreak Hill  - A social media book telling the truth about the Universal Credit crisis,





Surviving Universal Credit | Check out Gary Knapton's Book

Articles and videos featuring From Under A Cloud On Heartbreak Hill:

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Good Food Guide - Tomatoes



Tomatoes salad


Did you know that tomatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family?

The Spanish brought them to Europe from South America in the sixteenth century.





Like belladonna and deadly nightshade, the vegetable leaves and roots are poisonous.

Used first as an ornamental plant. It took until the twentieth century before being widely used as a food source. 




Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and are an essential ingredient for many recipes.

There are French claims that tomatoes, pomme d’amour (love apple), is an aphrodisiac.




Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Nick Lily Principal Bendrigg Trust Cumbria Introducing Acorn House

Outdoor Education

The Principal of Bendrigg Lodge delivers a voice over for a walk throw video on the centre's new accessible accommodation.

Outdoor adventure activities are a fundamental part of child development. 

What sort of life would it be without:

  1. Adventure

  2. Experiencing engaging, direct, and active experiences

  3. Developing interpersonal social skills

  4. Participating in outdoor activities that involve a challenge

  5. Safely managing risks with secure, controlled activities

  6. Being educated in outdoor natural settings

  7. Overcoming anxieties

  8. Considering the decision-making process

  9. Reviewing emotional, physical, and leadership skills.

The aim is for young people to make well-informed actions within the context of the outdoor centre’s activities.

By reviewing all the essential information, careful, and well-informed decisions are made to successfully tackle challenges.



A 360 video of Acorn House delivers another perspective:


Nikon 360 Video | Birds Eye & Elevated View | Inside Acorn House | Bendrigg Trust from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.




Nick Lily Principal Bendrigg Trust Fundraising  


The Bendrigg Ball charity event raised money for new fully accessible accommodation for young people with disabilities.



Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Davits a metaphor for life


Davit a device for suspending or lowering a yacht tender

Piloting the hidden pools in the upper lochs in the islands and the West Coast of Scotland is great fun.

Davits are about easy handling and launching of a boat’s tender for enhancing a greater range of sailing adventures.  


Using davits as a metaphor for life, can you think of other activities, apps or devices that may make your work and habitual routines a lot easier?

Getting to your destination is dependent on well-maintained equipment and skilled seamanship. Submerged rocks, swirling currents, wind, and waves will influence progress. 

What factors may impact upon the delivery of your plans? 

How do you reach your goals and destiny?

Covering three hundred and eighty miles the yacht, White Eagle, called into:

Loch Spelve, Tarbet and the Pool, Port Ellen, Tinker's Hole, Bunessan, Iona, Fingal’s Cave Staffa, Tobermory, Muck, Loch Moidart, Plockton, Mallaig, Canna, Soay, Loch Scavaig, Rum, Eigg, Tobermory, Loch Aline and Oban.


The Hallberg-Rassy 36 used its tender to explore these scenic jewels in blistering hot weather.  The dinghy allowed the crew to have great fun.

Accessing and reaching the most incredible places was easy. By enhancing the voyage through the use of the tender, we experienced a much wider range of exciting opportunities.


Without the highly functional davits, it would be hard work launching and retrieving the tender. Un-tie two lines to lower or raise.  Easy.  The process is quick compared to the labour-intensive alternatives.

You see the amazing shimmering Moidart castle at the head of the loch.  In a locker, tied on deck, the tender is a burden. It has to be inflated, laboriously launched over the side and kitted out.


How does it feel?

What makes repetitive activities easier?

Do you waste your time and efforts on faffing?


What aides, devices, modifications, changes in routine or habits will make your life and work easier?

Davits or laborious struggles?

I am part of the anti-faffing, can-do crew.

And you?



Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Sense of Agency and the Environment


Action and commitment from local people who care about their environment and others improves the quality of life.

What positive actions and commitments can individuals take to help them self and others?

Is it possible to overcome the restrictions of families, local communities, or the culture of the wider society?




Do you think and care?

What environmental space influences you?

The Lancaster Green Party campaigned to save land from property developers:

Neighbourhood tidying project:

Cabus Parish Council plant bulbs to make the environment more appealing:



Cabus Parish Council A6 Daffodil Bulb Planting Project from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Can you make positive things happen?

Or, are you restricted by circumstances?

How can you improve the quality of life and the environment?

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Hydrologic Water Cycle Geography Videos


Geography Video Hydrologic Water Cycle from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Oceans, lakes, and rivers cover over 70% of the earth’s surface.

Evaporation moves water from the surface into the air as vapour. Clouds may form.



Hydrological Cycle Introduction from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.


Rain and snow carry water back to the surface.

The process is called the hydrological or water cycle. Use your words to define and describe this.



Brisbane River The Hydrological - Water Cycle Video from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



How and where people live is determined by their water supply.

Assess a globe and a world map to consider the implications.



Hydrologic Water Cycle River Wey Geography Video from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Explain how lack of water for home, industry, and farming is an important issue.

Evaluate sustainability and the management of water supplies to communities may create tensions.



Geography Video Water Sustainability from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Water Cycle Geography Videos



Water Cycle

The hydrolic cycle describes the circulation of the planet’s water. Temperature and weather conditions influence whether water is gas, liquid, or frozen.

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere influence the movement of water.

Can you think why, where, and when this occurs?

What happens?

Recycling Water

Earth has been recycling liquid water, as solid ice, or as a gas vapour for billions of years.

When you drink a glass of water, think who may have tasted it before you.

A polar bear, a brontosaurus, a Viking, farm animals, or an ancient city dweller?



Evaporation and Condensation

The changing state of water is due to evaporation from the oceans into an invisible vapour. Clouds hold this and condensation produces liquid rain or snow.

Think about this process and trace the weather patterns that cause it.


The Hydrolic Cycle

Run-off rainwater may return into rivers by flowing into the oceans. The water in hydrolic cycle is part of a never ending pattern.

Make a picture, diagram, or collect images of the water cycle.


Your Local Water Cycle

Using your location, map out, make a chart of your local water cycle.

What factors may influence the water supply?


Glaciers and Snowfields

Glaciers and snowfields trap and contain freshwater in it frozen state. Snow and ice trap most of Earth’s freshwater.

12% of the earth is ice today. Thousands a years ago, it was a third of the planet.

Check out and contrast the changing nature of the frozen planet over time.


Water cycle glacier river



Water cycle glacier river



Water cycle glacier river


Sea Level Rises 

Melting ice caps and glaciers cause sea levels to rise. What is the impact for communities around the world?


Key Words

What do these geography words mean?





Moisture cycle

Hydrologic cycle



Summary Water Cycle

The movement of water is a dynamic process. It involves changes in different physical states.


Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Dirty Glaciers - A Ground Level Video


South Island, New Zealand


Glaciers and The Anthropocene from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.

Glaciers and The Anthropocene from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.

Filming glaciers on a cold, windy spring day near Mount Cook, illustrated the powerful impact of nature’s attrition. South Island, NZ, and its rugged environment is the outcome of these awesome physical forces.

The story also relates to global warming and the shrinking of the earth’s heritage of ice and snow.

Over time, research indicates climate changes and significant variations. Glaciers are the product of climate. Right now in the age of the Anthropocene, snow, ice and glaciers are in retreat.

The video shows glacial areas that could not be filmed fifty years ago. Near the peaks, snow still accumulates to produce panoramic white expanses. However, lower down on the glacier, the melting water shows the outcome of the temperature rising.

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services