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Here is a Twitter video of an HR36 approaching Scaloway on a mid-summers evening. Making landfall after two days out of Torshavn, Faroe Islands, the yacht encountered calm and benign conditions after turbulent conditions on the previous voyage. Read more →

Another issue is the tidal currents in the Faroes. Although the rise and fall is only a meter or less, the currents generated through the many narrow passages can be fierce, and the overfalls (breaking standing waves) near the entrances to these passages can be frightening and may be dangerous. A local publication with hourly diagrams called Tidal Current Around the Faroe Islands created by Fischer Heinesen is worth having aboard — but is presumably only available after you get there and is useless unless you have local knowledge of when high water occurs. Read more →

Reluctantly selling our lovely van as we're not getting much use from it due to demands of a young family and change of job. 4 berth 6 belted seats 2 front swivel captains seats Full width folding double bed Pop-up roof with bed board and additional thermal blackout screen Insulated and carpeted throughout Fiamma F45s side awning Tinted widows in rear with fitted blackout curtains 19" Range Rover alloys Dimmable LED lights in rear with additional lights for roof bed 12v leisure battery runs LEDs and usb ports 5 CD changer 212000 miles MOT to April 2020 Recently replaced oil sump with full oil service New battery In last 5 years has also had new cylinder head including cam, reconditioned injectors, water pump and new turbo. Read more →

The Parish of Cabus doesn’t boast any of the usual features found in a rural area such as a church, a pub or a village green. Louise Jackson a councillor on Cabus Parish Council wanted to draw attention to the rich and varied history of Cabus by creating an Historic Cabus walk. A leaflet with an illustrated sketch map and explanations takes the walker along a scenic route pointing out various historical features and monuments e.g. Cabus Cross. The leaflet can be down loaded from the Cabus Parish website at or from Garstang Tourist Information Office or local venues. Read more →

British towns and cities - yet here is found within one building alone - as the old priest house connects inwardly by a corridor to a superb modernist chamber of worship. As Mass is due to begin, the Fathers emerge from the corridor into the left-hand nave, by the organ grinder and then swiftly walk across the front and up onto the chancel to commence the service. My favourite features of the church are its “bell” - which sounds authentic but is actually a loudspeaker on the roof playing an audiotape of a ringing bell and the Mater Dei shrine to the front end of the right-hand nave - another link to the past. The full name of the demolished church was actually Mother of God & St James - and Mater Dei is the Latin for “Mother of God”. The exposed brickwork on the interior generates a distinct modernist feel to the whole experience of taking Mass there.  Read more →

Can you live on £1.34 a day? Hard working lone parent. 1 in 5 of our UK population (22%) is in poverty. 4.3 million people in poverty. 8.2 million are working-age adults. 4.1 million are children. 1.9 million are pensioners. 8 million people live in poverty in families where at least one person is in work. 4 million workers are in poverty. Universal Credit Increasing UK Poverty. In-work poverty has been rising even faster than employment Due to increasing poverty among working parents Read more →

Many social housing blocks were sold off to private landlords with covenants attached. But the covenants are riddled with loopholes. The upshot is places like Stanley Tower, where a private landlord owns the entity and collects the rent and seeks to maximise profit even though the building is still the only thing between a large group of vulnerable tenants and homelessness. Read more →

When I go to the job centre, I'm warned, like everyone else is, that if I don't make my appointment within ten minutes of the arranged time, I get sanctioned. Sanctioned means my rent and my food is cut off for six weeks. I'm effectively potentially evicted and starving, My letter always arrives two days late. Read more →

Here is a Manchester writer advocating positive action to address the Kafkaesque deep state machinations against the sick, poor, disabled, single parents, the unemployed, and their children. The narrative captures the Zeitgeist in reflecting the findings of authoritative reports. Read more →

And they've advanced me through from basic psychotherapy services for mild depression through to specialist services, saying I need stronger treatment. My condition's getting worse. But when I go to the job centre, they overrule this and say, we're just going to ignore it. You've got to look for work. Read more →