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How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning - Fake News




Experimenting, playing with, and integrating language by using audio, printed, and visual media in the spirit of Bertolt Brecht’s pedagogy helps in creating reflective, thoughtful audience responses.

In producing this experimental genre through the critical application and development of language by morphing the characteristics of poems and prose leads to dramatically witnessing contemporary life through a surreal filter.

There is a strong emphasis on the image over the narrative.

The process becomes stronger when reading this new media aloud and designing an echoing pattern for a more rounded effect.

Here there is a sharp contrast between using the best words in the best order: poetry and in comparing words in their best order: prose.

Powerful feelings are poetry’s strength. What if these can flow from margin to margin free from rhyme and metre? The prose poem is the third way and becomes the guiding beacon for this experimental media. LogicPro and FCP support this process.



How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning


How does it feel

Going under drowning

From extremist fictions

Kicking around my mine?


Gasping fighting

Desperately thinking

Reasoning informing hope

Over false statements.


How does it feel

Living new worlds

Surfacing free from tyranny

Overcoming threatening beliefs?


Falsely misappropriating ideas

Stop megaphone bullying

Echoing in a shallow cave

Whose villainous values are these?


How does it feel

Rising from the stormy seas

Gasping fresh air

Feeding the brain?


Living in peace harmony and love

Thoughtfully using rationality

Creating informing minds

Needs your attention to thrive.




The above is the first draft of a developmental series. The work and video finale is informed by great philosophical thinkers and applying their concepts to our contemporary zeitgeist:

“But once we allow ourselves to be guided by reason, we will begin to see that the ‘greatest good’ must be ‘common to all’, and ‘enjoyed by all equally’. We will realise that no one will live happily without ‘mutual aid’, and that the only guarantor of freedom is a ‘state’ in which everyone agrees to be ‘led as if by one mind’ and to abide by the ‘common decision’. In the meantime the wise will have to wait, but – ‘insofar as they are wise’ – they will know that in the long run things are bound to get better.”
Jonathan Rée



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Types of Families and the Role of a Christian Christening

Family | Families | Value & Beliefs



A nuclear family



“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured.”

Earl Nightingale


Now is a good time to reflect and consider the importance of families. I’m sure that in our daily lives, we do not take time to consider their importance and value.

Let’s start by examining the variety of family life.

Have you the big picture?

Let’s start.



Families thrive and exist throughout the world in contrasting communities, cultures, and societies. In the ideal world, the glue that holds it together is based upon trust support, affection, intimacy, and support. The concept of family refers to a group who are related by emotional, strong psychological, adoptive, sexual, or biological bonds. From the birth of siblings and in the early years the family is the primary object of individuals orientation.

On the shadow side and in the reality of everyday life there may be tensions preventing the effective functioning of the family unit.

There are many variations of the family. Our self-selecting social groups may inhibit the awareness of the many types of families that make up society.



A newborn baby and mother

Different types of families exist in our communities. These may be the traditional nuclear family:

Wife and husband with biological or adoptive children.

A single parent and children.

Husband and wife without children.

Siblings without parents.

Other forms of a nuclear family may be based upon:

Children living with guardians.

Unmarried heterosexual couples living together.

Same sex couples living together.


So, there you are. That is a lot more than you may have considered.

How do we begin to provide structure, support, guidance, and education to develop or promote the well-being of the family?



Grandparents  are family and extended family

It’s taken me a long time to recognize this, but here is my starting point. It starts with a good early years education not only in a nursery but by the nuclear and extended family in the home providing a framework.

Different culture and religions provide guidance in the socialization of the family. Within the Christian doctrine a christening provides a pathway and direction to their values and beliefs.


























Here, a child will be baptized with water to initiate the journey of faith. It’s the start of a process to help them make the right choices in life, both for themselves and others:

Providing support and sensitive guidance for making good choices.

Support and help through good and bad times.

Helping the child to talk about the big questions of life:






“My parents were in the local church choir, and I used to go along and sing and play the organ at all the weddings and christenings.”

Dolores O’Riordan



Go your own way – via Europe 2 Paris


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Nuclear Families and the Extended Family



My reflections of a niece returning home to her birthplace and a family gathering.   




Last week thirty-two extended family members celebrated the return to the UK of one of its loved relations. Babies, great grandparents, proud parents, brothers, and sisters shared the jubilation and joy of seeing someone they love who emigrated to Queensland ten years ago. 

It was a poignant occasion. 


A mother, grandmother, aunty, and sister-in-law - The importance of family


Image - Cousins at family renuion

Everybody enjoyed the occasion.

They cared for these distant relatives. 

I think for many, it was a powerful and touching event. 

Families are important. 

After everyone left, I was left thinking, considering, and reviewing why people travelled hundreds and for some, tens of thousands of miles. 

During the darkness that night, I think I had a personal revelation, an epiphany, and redemption about the influence and power of blood ties and families. I may have neglected this in my earlier life. 

For some considerable time since urbanisation, the impact of work, careers, and jobs, lifestyle have disturbed and disrupted the concept of family. 

Roles and responsibilities have become more fluid. 

Yet, the nuclear family and through blood ties, the extended family still has significance.

Do you benefit from or support relations? 

A grand/great grandmother and mother on family relations.


Quote by a Mother, Grandmother, Aunty, and Sister-in-Law:

"I think family is very important. It is like the social glue that binds everybody together. I think the relationship you have with the different generations very important, especially as you get older it helps you stay young and in contact with new and up to date things. And I think when we have large family gatherings, it's good to see everybody that's related to you."

Are blood ties, across families important?



A grandson and lost grandfather


Learning Resource Videos


Here are free educational videos to support your lessons plans:


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Education PR for Academies and Schools

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Designed and Produced by Eddy Jackson.

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Specialist Internet sites, e-Bulletins and updates support all compact discs.


New media learning resources for Citizenship, Careers Education, PSE, Early Years and Personal and Social Education using key skills.


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storytelling learning resource videos lesson plans




As a video shooter, editor, and reporter, these are my brainstorming, planning, and mapping notes.

The storytelling ideas are based upon the birth of my granddaughter and the context of the world she was born into. The project is in a state of development and the content below continues to evolve. 

The creative writing process is driven by imagination, thought-provoking concepts, and the use of language to create new meaning, insights, and understanding. The final media is based upon my research at the Farmington Institute, at the Harris Manchester College, Oxford.


Teaser | Resilience | Emotional Wellbeing | Health Living Curriculum Learning Resources For Schools from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Here is the methodology for the project's storytelling:






Asta (Ash -ta) is a diminutive of Astrid. Astrid originates in Old Norse languages and means "divine beauty".


Gyda is a Danish variant of Gytha. Gytha originates on Old Norse and means "God is gorgeous".


Leif. Descendant of Leif Erickson


Magnus. Great.



Running Hiding Fearing from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



Nordic hamlet raided by Celts from the Cumbrian Mountains

Above escape

Tell their story(ies)

Include key ethical/moral/learning point



Located in the Morecambe Bay and its physical geographical features. The scope includes the IOM, Walney Island, Peil Island, the Lune and Wyre, Bowland Fells and Ingleborough.


Resilience Emotional Wellbeing Health Education Learning Resources For Schools from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



In the style of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, “Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was ………..”



The aim will be to try and develop a modern approach to oral storytelling, with alliteration and repetition, of language aimed at 7 -10 years old.  Although the contents will include some dark themes, they will not be explicit. All stories will be uplifting.

The essential characteristics and features must be:

  • Compelling
  • Deliver powerful emotional hooks
  • Excellent development of the plot/story by:
    • Telling a personal voyage of discovery
    • Overcoming challenges
    • Having a powerful Ephiny
    • Redemption and learning point(s).

Audio content will be added to the multimedia editing timeline. Here, visual images, videos, photographs, texts and additional audio SFX will be added.

Developing and producing new style multimedia stories in the genre of Homer, Greek Literature and Biblical tales.

The objective is to produce about seven short episodes of about two/three minutes long. (Subject to review)



Asta's Bird Shadows from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.




Quennet X 3 X2 line stanzas (P141)

Extending ideas from Qulipo, land art, psychogeography, nature writing, experimental video poetry and a new fairy tale dystopia framed to support resilience within schools’ curriculum.



Continual monitoring will be part of the process, and the objective will be to produce professional media to be made available online worldwide.



  1. Setting scene, the attack and escape.
  2. The journey through the forest at night to salvation.
  3. The Royal Hunting lodge in Happy Valley.
  4. Escaping down the winding river, across the sea to the magical island in the West.
  5. Guiding the long boat and removing the Celts from the castle.
  6. Victory at a price.
  7. The story of redemption.


03/07/17 Godalming


  1. Setting scene, the attack and escape. (Binary opposition)

Characters Asta, Gyda, Lief, & Magnus

Compelling Theme/Plot

Raiders from the North

Dawn Raid

Emotional Hook

Asta’s bedtime story. Is it real, a dream or a nightmare?

Movement of story

Setting the scene, settling down for the night, the attack, & flight.

Overcoming challenge

Fleeing/flight to Happy Valley, aided & guided by ‘The Silent Pool’ lady, bats, a parliament of owls


Asta’s escape with Lief & Magnus


  1. Plan/Development Setting scene, the attack and escape.

Intro and Context (Wide angle/setting the scene)

            Blockade/hamlet high on Priory Hill.

            Overlooking the Lune and mountains to the north

            Tranquil evening at hamlet – Introduce/develop characters

            Then tension on the approach of the Celts.

Main Part

            Savage, surprise lethal attack

            Scenes of violence

            Pulled to safety & flight to safety

            Describe the carrying off Gyda (Helen of Troy)


            Flight/escape to Happy Valley

            Support and help of animals (Think about characterisations of these)

            Arrival at the Hunting Lodge at Happy Valley.




Priory hill                  deep river                 purple mountains             

market place           hamlet fence

Sleeping dogs          waxing moon           fenced hamlet         soft zephyrs

smooth skin             blue eyes                  blonde hair              long eyelashes

fearsome celts        howling raiders       swirling swords       piercing spears

leather shields        swishing arrows      MATCH TO TANGO & BEAT



ACTION POINT Make storyboard(s) for above. Test, trail. Experiment. MATCH WORDS, QUENNETS TO RHYTHMS/BEAT OF MUSIC



Production Notes

Keep it simple, uncluttered, smooth, and beautiful.

Using simplicity in content, form, and style – branding.

Remember, who is this aimed at? Does it work for them?

RESEARCH AUDIENCE(S) & similar content. What are the learning points?

What are the learning points?

What is the role of the audience, viewer, or reader?

What are there expectations?

What questions to ask/develop?


Next chapter/episodes – Repeat process. Check continuity


The journey through the forest at night to salvation. Complete this.

The Royal Hunting lodge in Happy Valley. Complete this. Now prototype.

Escaping down the winding river, across the sea to the magical island in the West.

Guiding the long boat and removing the Celts from the castle.

Victory at a price.

The story of redemption.


Monday 14th August 2017 Natterjacks

3rd Production (Second episode)


Attack on castle

Asta escape with Lief  & Magnus

Gyda captured

Flight through the forest at night

Night birds help – Tawney owls & bats

The shelter at Abbeystead hunting lodge

Escape down the winding river across the sea to the magical island





NOW TYPE UP THESE NOTES. Think about style, a captivating narrative, strong continuity, and linking to KEY RESILIENCE, EQ, & PHSE THEMES.

Can this easily be linked to a powerful audio track?


Shivering, shaking, blinking, I suddenly woke from deep sleep to a nightmare. Hearing terrifying cries, filling the nights' darkness with violent echoing chaos, I put my head under a pillow.

Arrows took the last breath away from the night watch and silenced the guards.

The silent northern blue tattoed raiding Celts, skilfully scaling the hamlet’s wooded defences and breaching the defences, were now howling for blood. Swinging, flashing silver blades, struck the heart of my community.

Now howling and screaming, the violators charged, kicking in doors, entering, and ending the lives of families stumbling from their last slumbering movements. Oozing blood flowing from the living signalled the ending their conscious existence. Final screams and gurgling from surprised gaping mouths signalled their ending. They had no chance.

The burning hamlet on Priory Hill sent flaming fingers upwards. Reflecting clouds lit up an image of bedlam and hell.

Grabbing my hands, with the tattoed raiders storming up the stairs, Leif and Magnus, were lowering me out of the window, as the old world was ending. Capturing Gyda and dragging her away, the torched the wooden house and cremating the inturned bodies.

These are the worst scene from the nightmares haunting my early life. May you never experience the miasma from hells infernos of the burning stench of human flesh and panicking, baying animals escaping flaming barns.

Stumbling along a hidden forest path with night birds guiding and flanking our paths to safety, a parliament of Tawney owls were scouting the escape route. Bats sonic screeching helped by spotting hazards and fallen trees. A chorus of hooting was guiding the fleeing refugees. Silent, sure-footed roe deer guarding the flanks, helped by propping us up, stopping us falling.

Away to the North West, on Priory Hil, evil skies were still reflecting the evil raiders angry red and yellow flames started by.

At the ending of the escapade from the raiders, the trooping deer, who had been skilfully, and very, very quietly escorting my frail party, led us into a secret hunting lodge hidden high in the foothills of the fabled Table Top Mountains.

The refuge was guarded by dense thickets, fast flowing rivers and small lakes. Only the best and fittest survived here. Eagles and birds of prey, carrying out high-level reconnaissance from the skies, were searching, scanning, and circling the hidden refuge for signs approach from the marauding kidnappers.

A beautiful Viking princess with long, pleated golden hair and ice blue eyes, massaged, nursed my bruised, aching body with pine and wildflower oils. Her hands firmly stroked my tired muscles as I faded in and out of dreams. Humming a gentle lullaby while she was tirelessly nursing me, my mind floated in an out of consciousness. Was the attack and escape a nightmare? Did it really happen? Where am I? Was I awake? In a dream or nightmare? Why was my mind adrift from my body? All the time, I was nursed and cared for by a caring angel, who gave me warmth, light, and love to fight off the evil darkness where despair and destruction wrecked bodies in cruel, callous acts of violence. Tortured souls howled and screamed.

The angel princess commanded mother nature’s animals to help our escape.

For two days, laying low, we spent sleeping, talking, planning, and discussing escaping from our catastrophic nightmare. Staying locked in the warmth security of our safe house would have been the easy option. The will and the desire to save Gyda and try to do something positive was the winning option.

Again, with the roe deer silently guiding us through the thickets we found a small coracle tied to the moss-covered bank of the fast-flowing river bank. With salmon and otters escorting us, the leather craft was soon quickly bobbing down the winding river. Birds, wrens, robins and crows were keeping a sharp lookout. Ferrying past rocky rapids, valley troughs, deep pools with swirling whirlpools, we escaped to the sandy estuary where the river entered the bay. Here the deer and bird friends handed over the watching brief to gannets, petrels and black-backed gulls. Darting, dancing, glinting dolphins began towing the tiny craft over the blue seas to the magical castle on the island in the west where the sun sets.

As the moon was waxing, the dolphins were safely guiding us into a sheltered cove hidden from prying eyes and the evil raiders.

Scheming how to rescue Gyda in the magical island castle, Magnus, the wise, began slowly evolving his cunning plan with the horned, helmeted Norsemen. Leif used his heroic father’s links to build up new friendships with the clans, families and alliances that had evolved from his family’s proud heritage exploring distant lands across the ocean toward the setting sun.

Constantly, the petrels and swallows were bringing news of sightings and developments on the movements of the northern raiders. A drugged and tied up Gyda was being taken north into the Purple Mountains and the home of the Celt marauders.


Circling high over the hill route to the northern, purple mountains, buzzards following the raiders were constantly informing on the raiders movement. Magnus, thinking, working hard, and mapping out the information, was developing a courageous plan to save Gyda. In the briefing for the raid to save Gyda, Magnus was delegating duties and tasks. Whales and dolphins for aiding the rescue party across the blues seas and into the sandy estuary. Flights of birds were the eyes and ears with deer and hares leading the heroic rescuers to the brigand’s camp.

Tawney owls coordinating the rescue, hooting as dawn was breaking, were secretly scouting the approach route to the brigand’s den. Asta, Magnus and Lief riding on the backs of the deer, knowing the otters were breaching the stockade, prepared their stun grenades and laser swords. Creeping through the silent, sleeping enemy den with snoring Celts, quietly waking a trembling Gyda, Leif treading silently led the brave raiders to the safety of the surrounding forest.

The animal friends, escorting the rescuers, gave no clues away to the drunken Celts. At the estuary, a school of whales, towing the long boat, ploughing the gentle waves, sped the rescuers to safety.

Gyda, crying, laughing, speaking, was telling the party of her ordeal when the golden eagle landing on the balcony, told how the Celts, fighting a losing battle with the forest animals, were being driven out of their mountain dens.

Celebrating the victory, Asta, proclaiming peace, made a declaration of independence for the animals and the people the magical land of the Winding River.





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South Lancaster Speakers Club


The launch of the new South Lancaster Speakers Club Website and Social Media


The 5 4° N o r t h  S t u d i o is proud to announced its latest project:

Rhetoric, the principles of training communicators—those seeking to persuade or inform; in the 20th century it has undergone a shift of emphasis from the speaker or writer to the auditor or reader.

Definition of rhetoric

1the art of speaking or writing effectively: such as

athe study of principles and rules of composition formulated by critics of ancient times

bthe study of writing or speaking as a means of communication or persuasion

2askill in the effective use of speech

ba type or mode of language or speech also insincere or grandiloquent language

3verbal communication DISCOURSE



Promoting and marketing the South Lancaster Speakers Club - Launch of a new website
and on Facebook
and the Vimeo Public Speaking Album


Public Speaking

South Lancaster Speakers Club offers tuition from some highly experienced public speakers for people to develop the art of public speaking in a positive, friendly and stimulating environment. Catering from beginners and novices through to those who are already proficient in public speaking. All of whom can quickly reap the benefits of such valuable and lasting training in many different ways, to literally
transform their own lives for the better.

There can be definite goals for which people are seeking self-improvements, such as:-

 Wonderful training for thinking and speaking on one’s feet.

 Receive widespread coaching in many salient features on the
authoring and delivery of pre-prepared speeches.

 Gain improvements in personal performances at university or job
interviews and applications;

 Make a difference and speak up with confidence, enthusiasm and
conviction at business meetings;

 Deliver business presentations to a high standard;

 Seize opportunities to practice and develop in the chairing of

 Create and deliver a wedding speech with style and polish;

 Give a moving and heartfelt reading, meaningful tribute or full
eulogy at a funeral.

 Deliver a lively and welcoming toast and announcement to guests
at a special event;

 Make a winning complaint to convince and influence others with
lobbying for key improvements to be made.

 Or even for the purposes of pure indulgence to entertain and
share with others your own thoughts, passions and humour.

 Obtain ongoing self-fulfilment in writing your own material
instead of interpreting others.

 Not only quickly conquer any fears of public speaking but to
channel any butterflies to enhance an exciting and enjoyable
means of self-expression.



Mark Rogers Actor and Public Speaker


Reach out and make contact now:
and on Facebook
and the Vimeo Public Speaking Album


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Bias Propaganda Tendentious Media


Lady with microscope

Bias Propaganda and Tendentious Media

A significant feature of today’s zeitgeist is divided contentious national identities.




Popular media communications such as newspapers, social media, and interest groups control, operate and are established only to show, endorse, and present their highly selective, compartmentalised views of the world.

The title of this speech, bias, propaganda, and tendentious media, now needs another ominous noun to elucidate the meaning of these words and their implications, indoctrination.


Identity groups



Ask yourself questions about the meaning, the influence, and power of these concepts.  

Are you aware of the processes involved?

What is the impact, effect and outcomes for you, your community, and society?

Where and how does it start?

How does this happen?

What are the strategies to counter bias, propaganda, tendentious tweets, and indoctrination?

The language and cultures of the democratic free world facilitate these concerns. For totalitarian states, these concepts are the de facto modus operandi.

Now, let’s examine the meaning of these words.


Snowflake millenial generation man jumping




Inclination or prejudice for or against one person or group, especially in a way considered to be unfair.

A concentration on or interest in one particular area or subject.


Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

The dissemination of propaganda as a political strategy.


Expressing or intending to promote a particular cause or point of view, especially a controversial one.


The process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.


Online Tendentious Media




Now put these words into context by reviewing the great British tradition embedded into the fabric of the nations daily lives, the nasty and vicious morning newspapers.

Due to current online trends, this excludes millennials and the snowflake generation.

Compared to The Chinese People’s Daily, or the Russian Pravda, does The Times and The Daily Telegraph produce a balanced, independent, impartial news, views, comments, and features?


Let's dig down and look at the heritage and pedigree of established, long-serving well-known journalists: Janet Daly, Isabelle Oakenshott, Polly Toynbee,

Quentin Letts, Charles Moore, and Tim Montgomerie.

What does that say about their newspaper’s ethos, culture, and viewpoints?

What was the message of the British twentieth-century newspapers? The Daily Record, The Sketch, The Express, The Mirror, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The People, and The News of The World?

Whom did they represent? Who owned this media?

Do you like to be well-informed, have educated insights, and be knowledgeable?

Generations of post-war baby boomers have been brought up reading newspapers. Here, the reader's diet will have consisted of what?

Imagine a young person delivering newspapers in this era. While they posted and read the headlines, the leading features would immediately provide detailed insights containing bias, propaganda, and tendentious media. The reader brings their own interpretations, values, and beliefs. Are they informed?

The Newspaper business model is not sustainable today. A digital, virtual world driven by sounds, images, and video content has attracted new audiences.


Post-war baby boomers young women



Today we live in very different times? Things have evolved, and technology has led to new ways of communicating.

However, the same issues of bias, propaganda and tendentious media are still all pervasive. Interesting?

What has happened?

Today the use of online media for using, displaying and manipulating bias, propaganda, tendentious tweets, and propaganda is a well-recognised phenomenon.

The ubiquitous echo chambers of the internets social media apps have taken these issues to a higher and a new level.


Responsible media organisations have teams and systems in place to verify the authenticity of facts. They verify the accuracy and honesty of the news.

In the United States the American Press Institute, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies and other news consortiums, like the BBC in the UK, now have strong systems in place to fact check and ensure the authenticity of media.

Can you think of major incidents, events, and scenarios where this has occurred?

For example, immediately after the US president gave a speech on the proposed wall along the Mexican border, news anchors scrambled to fact-check Trump’s prime-time television address.

The Financial Times featured the real reasons for Donald Trump lies at

The president’s greatest ambitions are neither financial nor political — they’re psychological, writes Stephen Grosz

The Washington Post’s Fact Checker estimates That during the two years of his presidency, Trump has told some 7,600 lies.

Grosz’s view is that Trump may abuse the truth, so we take notice of him, think about him, become emotionally involved with him. Because he’s in no one’s heart, he wants to be in all our minds. More and more, he is convinced that his greatest ambitions are neither financial nor political — they’re psychological. He wants us never to take our eyes off him. A psychic imperialist, he aims to colonise our minds. He wants to dominate the external and internal landscape.

Moments after President Trump concluded his Oval Office remarks on border security on Tuesday, the NBC anchor Chuck Todd came on the air with a blunt assessment.

“He made a lot of dubious claims,” Mr Todd informed millions of viewers after the network’s scheduled program

The decision by major broadcast networks to carry Mr Trump’s address live set off a fierce debate over journalistic responsibility in an age of unusual mendacity (Mendacity = Untruthfulness) in politics. Anchors responded by delivering a tough-minded assessment of his nine-minute remarks, reeling off several immediate correctives to some of his misleading claims.


New-Politics-social-media-has caused new issues online




What are the answers and solutions to my concerns:

  1. Supporting and using independent, high-quality media delivering in-depth, impartial reporting, g. The London Review of Books.

  2. Using news verification organisations for checking facts.

  3. Providing high standards of education for overcoming ignorance and low levels of literacy.

  4. Governments creating and enforcing laws for preventing hate, bigotry, and sectarianism.



Images © Digital Vision

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Family Winchester Royal Hotel Wedding



The Extended Family - An English Wedding

Societies worldwide have established marriage institutions and strong family traditions. The exact scope and nature may vary depending upon the culture.

A feature is that people begin life and stay life members in some form of family.

The exact nature of the family and wedding may vary.


We may belong to a nuclear family or an extended family that includes grandchildren such as nieces, nephews, that come from additional relatives such as sisters, brothers of the wife or husband, or their parents.

A traditional feature of weddings are the invitations to not only close friends but also the extended family kinship relationships.

The social conditions reflecting a culture’s values regulate many aspects of life and marriage. Different societies have rules and precedents about who shall live together, who can marry who, how mates are selected, and the socialisation of children.

In the west, newlyweds establish their households away from their parents.

As a social institution enmeshed into the local community, there are factors that the family perform: providing positive emotional support, affection, and regulating behaviour.




The primary socialising factor for rearing children is the family’s key responsibility. From the early protection and care, infants and children may learn expectations of behaviour. Without this intimate structure, infants are at risk socially, mentally, and physically.

Educational, religious, political, and economic organisations support the process.

Weddings and the emergence of a well-adjusted family may deliver a nurturing, caring environment that benefits children.



The Bride Winchester Royal Hotel Wedding


Future jobs, occupations, and status may reflect your family’s position in the community.

Children from a wedding follow the political, religious, and legal status of their parents.


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Universal Credit Social Housing Without Social Safety Net



Social housing Universal Credit payments support Gary Knapton

Universal Credit Social Housing Without a Social Safety Net



From Under A Cloud At Heartbreak Hill  - A social media book telling the truth about the Universal Credit crisis


Stanley Tower is a first class example of a very modern dilemma that runs riot through the heart of social housing and the lives of its dependents without anybody on the outside having the first inclination that such an anomaly even exists. I speak of an administrative structural anomaly - not this time of bricks and mortar - but of bureaucratic process and systemic organisation. Something you can't even see with the naked eye.   

There used to be two types of rental housing; private landlords for tenants who could support themselves financially and pay the rent independently - and social housing for those who could not. Social housing was open to anyone needing it and you simply joined a list or a queue to have your application dealt with on a needs basis.   

Elements of this system still exist, but there is now a third type of housing which is like a "worst of both worlds' hybrid of the other two systems. Many social housing blocks were sold off to private landlords with covenants attached. But the covenants are riddled with loopholes. The upshot is places like Stanley Tower, where a private landlord owns the entity and collects the rent and seeks to maximise profit even though the building is still the only thing between a large group of vulnerable tenants and homelessness. Only 38% of Stanley Tower residents are in employment. Some are ex-convicts who get settled here after serving their term in prison. More are of the type that I made reference to earlier.   



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My own story is that upon being made redundant in 2014 and losing another job when my employer shut down in 2015, I was served an eviction notice from my private landlord on a flat I had lived in for seven years two miles down the road in the posh waterfront part of town called Salford Quays. I had no savings and no family in the area so I made a round of applications to get on the housing lists until I found my feet once more. All these failed as there is, in fact, no obligation upon housing associations to take on new applicants - despite the commonly held view that there is, in fact, such an obligation. In the nick of time, I got a flat in Stanley Tower. I responded to an ad on the local rentals website.    

I am on a benefits payment called Universal Credit 

The point is that we are social housing tenants in all but name yet we have no social protection from an unscrupulous landlord. The next step is homelessness and in my two years here I have seen numerous neighbours turned onto the street. I have seen and heard them protesting outside the building at nightfall in the winter months, huddled on the benches in the park opposite and drinking alcohol to keep warm. Making a racket in a bid to try and get arrested and thereby get a roof over their heads for the night.   

Whereas social housing tenants enjoy protection from such a fate, we do not. I have had meetings at the local Citizens Advice Bureau and at the local housing office to get professional guidance on what would happen if I fell out of favour with my landlord or they decided to serve me notice on my one-month rolling contract. Beyond a token appeal against a Section 21 eviction notice, I am advised to find a friend with a couch and a kind heart should that day come to pass.   

Don't be under any delusions about some perverse rebellious choice fuelling the rise in doorway sleepers. Check out the brochure handed out on a visit to the ironically named Housing Office.  

The general public tends to believe that the social housing system is a safety net at the bottom of the housing crisis. It is not. There is a rung lower and it has no safety net at all.  I’ve a photograph of my copy of a document that my landlord’s managing agent, Stanley Lettings, submitted to a 2016 tribunal hearing. It's the kind of information they don't like airing. I have taken the liberty of red-inking the important bit, which amounts to my landlord's own admission that it bases its rent levels here in Stanley Tower on the private professional market and ignores, as it is well within its rights to, the Local Housing Authority guidelines. And there you have it. The worst of both worlds. Legal loopholes are like waiting rooms in dental surgeries. They built it. They’re gonna use it. 



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The Universal Credit Crisis and Job Centres



When go to the Job Centre, I'm warned, like everyone else is, that if don't make my appointment within 10 minutes of the arranged time, get sanctioned. 

Sanctioned means my rent and my food is cut off for six weeks. I'm effectively potentially evicted and starving

Yet when get my letter to tell me when my appointment is, it always arrives two days after the appointment date. And if take the trouble to look at the stamping on the envelopeit's been stamped after the day of the appointment, which suggests they'redoing it on purpose. 

Now, this is happening to everybody. And it's been happening for years.


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Surviving Universal Credit | Check out Gary Knapton's Book

Articles and videos featuring From Under A Cloud On Heartbreak Hill:

Eddy Jackson | Shreditor | 54° North Journal Video Bibliothèque