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The Classic Yacht Overlord

Here is a selection of sailing and yachting videos filmed in the Hebrides West Coast of Scotland, North Wales, on the River Hamble, the North Atlantic, and southern Brittany. They may be useful to support the RYA Day Skipper, RYA Coastal Skipper, or the RYA Yachtmaster courses.


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Wild Boars Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England




Wild Boar Forest of Dean


If you go into the forest what will you see?

How do you feel when you sense the forest’s miasma, with its boggy swamps between its brooding dark trees, holding back the light?

Here is a refuge for wild boars.

Can you see their tracks in the dark hidden places?



Wild Boar Tracks Forest of Dean Gloucestershire England


Babbling brooks, hidden lakes and boggy swamps are their playgrounds.

What other creatures live here?

Frogs and toads.

Hooting owls, long-tailed tits.



Visitor in the Forest of Dean Searching For Wild Boars


As Greta Thunberg, the cult environmental teenage hero sails into the United Nations conference in Spain, we are yomping into the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England.

Here is a magnificent outdoor playground.

What histories does it hide?

Who toiled laboured here? Where are they now?

Where have the mines, quarries, and furnaces gone?



Deer Tracks In The Forest of Dean


What goes on during the witching hour in this mysterious dark place?

What eyes are watching you?

Which silent creatures lurk here?

Whose ears are listening for your approach?



Wild Boar Guide Forest of Dean Gloucestershire And Lydney Cricket Club Legend


Is your wind-blown scent alerting them?

Are the frogs and toads, screeching owls, and grunting boars, tormented by goblins, dwarfs, and faeries in the glooming?

Or is it the wild boars scavenging with sure-footed deer running from danger?


Wild Boar Video

Here is an experimental video edited in FCPX with audio mixed in Logic Pro. 






The Sheditor In The Forest of Dean Gloucestershire



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UK Christmas Ads On YouTube



The Christmas videos produced by John Lewis, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and others are the highlight of the year for me.

I think that there is real competition between them to produce the most entertaining. For me, the sentimentalities of the Yule Tide seasonal activities create a warm glow of well-being and consideration for others.


Christmas 2019 Ad | Waitrose & Partners and John Lewis & Partners



M&S | Christmas Advert 2019 | Go Jumpers for Christmas! Christmas Advert 2019 | Get More Out of Giving


Nicholas the Sweep | Sainsbury’s | Christmas 2019


Selfridges Presents: Future Fantasy - A Christmas for Modern Times


Let's Make Christmas Extra Special I Asda Christmas TV Advert 2019


Iceland's Christmas Ad 2019 - #Magicoffrozen


#JDComesAlive | JD Christmas TV Advert 2019


Boots UK Christmas TV Ad 2019 | Introducing Bootiques by Boots. #GiftLikeYouGetThem | Boots UK


Do you have a favourite? What do you like?


However, you may not like the commercialisation, and the commodification. But that’s life.

I hope you enjoy this choice of Christmas videos.

For a different slant, check out seasonal pop videos at the Lancshire Speakers Club website.

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Types of Families and the Role of a Christian Christening

Family | Families | Value & Beliefs



A nuclear family



“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savoured.”

Earl Nightingale


Now is a good time to reflect and consider the importance of families. I’m sure that in our daily lives, we do not take time to consider their importance and value.

Let’s start by examining the variety of family life.

Have you the big picture?

Let’s start.



Families thrive and exist throughout the world in contrasting communities, cultures, and societies. In the ideal world, the glue that holds it together is based upon trust support, affection, intimacy, and support. The concept of family refers to a group who are related by emotional, strong psychological, adoptive, sexual, or biological bonds. From the birth of siblings and in the early years the family is the primary object of individuals orientation.

On the shadow side and in the reality of everyday life there may be tensions preventing the effective functioning of the family unit.

There are many variations of the family. Our self-selecting social groups may inhibit the awareness of the many types of families that make up society.



A newborn baby and mother

Different types of families exist in our communities. These may be the traditional nuclear family:

Wife and husband with biological or adoptive children.

A single parent and children.

Husband and wife without children.

Siblings without parents.

Other forms of a nuclear family may be based upon:

Children living with guardians.

Unmarried heterosexual couples living together.

Same sex couples living together.


So, there you are. That is a lot more than you may have considered.

How do we begin to provide structure, support, guidance, and education to develop or promote the well-being of the family?



Grandparents  are family and extended family

It’s taken me a long time to recognize this, but here is my starting point. It starts with a good early years education not only in a nursery but by the nuclear and extended family in the home providing a framework.

Different culture and religions provide guidance in the socialization of the family. Within the Christian doctrine a christening provides a pathway and direction to their values and beliefs.


























Here, a child will be baptized with water to initiate the journey of faith. It’s the start of a process to help them make the right choices in life, both for themselves and others:

Providing support and sensitive guidance for making good choices.

Support and help through good and bad times.

Helping the child to talk about the big questions of life:






“My parents were in the local church choir, and I used to go along and sing and play the organ at all the weddings and christenings.”

Dolores O’Riordan



Go your own way – via Europe 2 Paris


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Nuclear Families and the Extended Family



My reflections of a niece returning home to her birthplace and a family gathering.   




Last week thirty-two extended family members celebrated the return to the UK of one of its loved relations. Babies, great grandparents, proud parents, brothers, and sisters shared the jubilation and joy of seeing someone they love who emigrated to Queensland ten years ago. 

It was a poignant occasion. 


A mother, grandmother, aunty, and sister-in-law - The importance of family


Image - Cousins at family renuion

Everybody enjoyed the occasion.

They cared for these distant relatives. 

I think for many, it was a powerful and touching event. 

Families are important. 

After everyone left, I was left thinking, considering, and reviewing why people travelled hundreds and for some, tens of thousands of miles. 

During the darkness that night, I think I had a personal revelation, an epiphany, and redemption about the influence and power of blood ties and families. I may have neglected this in my earlier life. 

For some considerable time since urbanisation, the impact of work, careers, and jobs, lifestyle have disturbed and disrupted the concept of family. 

Roles and responsibilities have become more fluid. 

Yet, the nuclear family and through blood ties, the extended family still has significance.

Do you benefit from or support relations? 

A grand/great grandmother and mother on family relations.


Quote by a Mother, Grandmother, Aunty, and Sister-in-Law:

"I think family is very important. It is like the social glue that binds everybody together. I think the relationship you have with the different generations very important, especially as you get older it helps you stay young and in contact with new and up to date things. And I think when we have large family gatherings, it's good to see everybody that's related to you."

Are blood ties, across families important?



A grandson and lost grandfather


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Education PR for Academies and Schools

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Free LifeStyle Work Book PSHE RE Health Education Lesson Plan Learning Resources

Enquiry based student tasks using multimedia learning resources encouraging the use of encyclopaedias, textbooks, dictionaries, specialist Internet sites, CD-ROMs and a range of learning and teaching styles.


Designed and Produced by Eddy Jackson.

 PSHE RE Health Education Lesson Plan Learning Resources

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Also available:


Healthy Living - How to survive sex, drugs and alcohol

Our World - racism and cultural diversity

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Careers Education - Key skills 

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Early Years 

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Specialist Internet sites, e-Bulletins and updates support all compact discs.


New media learning resources for Citizenship, Careers Education, PSE, Early Years and Personal and Social Education using key skills.


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Digital Assembly Resources for Educators SMSC PSHE Learning Resources for Assemblies and Circle Time



Assembly and Circle Time  - Free SMSC PSHE Lesson Plans and Scheme of Work

Assembly Concept and Theme: Me

Start with the learner’s immediate needs and the environment. Present, discuss and highlight the importance of the family, the home, friendship, care, love, warmth and kindness to others, personal likes and dislikes in food, clothes and events

Free Lesson Plans and Scheme of Work

Download Digital Assembly Resources for Educators SMSC PSHE Learning Resources for Assemblies and Circle Time





Assembly Concept and Theme: Me

Links and Relationship Circle time, PSE, Citizenship, Health Education. Early Years Curriculum.

Key Words me, brother, sister, mum, dad, friend, care, kind, love, like, do not like

Activity Learning Objectives

Powerpoint Video and Poster Download

Download ME SMSC PSHE Learning resources Digital Assemblies for Educators


To respond to visual/ auditory/ tactile stimuli by eye/movement or vocalisation.

To focus/eye point visual stimuli

To focus on the video, big book, adult, photographs.

Taste and Smell

To respond to tastes and smells by eye/movement or vocalisation.


To respond to tactile stimuli by eye/movement or vocalisation. To reach for tactile stimuli.

To mouth and explore by hand tactile stimuli.


To be able to join in songs and rhymes. To join in actions/ PCS symbols.

To listen and join in the activities. To follow instructions

To eye point/point or vocalise family members.

To be able to act out stories with puppets or role- play.

To be aware of ‘me’ through feelings, emotions and reactions to events with parents, friends, class mates, favourite toys.

To be able to point to and/ or name body parts.

Resources and Development

Use structured activities from the communications, literacy, topic, art, music & movement lessons to provide familiar and practise skills to develop a better understanding of themselves, their body, their actions and emotions.

Develop concept of ‘Me’: my family, my friends, and my class. Who I am? Where I live.

Present a selection of choices such as food, clothes, toys, etc. compile an inventory of likes and dislikes.

Progress the theme by using images, symbols and text of the above, sort into sets

Articulate a range of emotions: happiness, sadness, pain, feeling good, and likes/dislikes, through reading and role- playing stories.



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Outdoor Learning For People With Disabilities and Special Needs



Bendrigg Trust Outdoor Adventure Education

Residential Activity Centre For Disabled People

Bendrigg Trust is a residential activity centre specialising in high quality courses for disabled and disadvantaged people, of any age or ability.


Showcase videos of the country's best special needs residential centre


About Bendrigg

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Gary Knapton Salford Writer A Video Showcase About Universal Credit Sanctions

Angst and rage are a feature of the UK's welfare payments system.

A Salford resident, commentator, and writer, Gary Knapton, explores key issues on the impact of Universal Credit payments in videos showcasing key issues.

Taking an ethical viewpoint Knapton develops key themes and describes how citizens address the governments systemic failings.



Gary Knapton is a Salford author and commentator




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Sailing from the Faroes to Scaloway Shetlands on a HR36 in midsummer



Approaching Scaloway two days out of Torshaven, Faroe Islands.






Twitter video via @newsverify



Land fall at #Scoloway #Shetland after sailing across the North #Atlantic #Ocean from the #Faroe Islands. from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.



@newsverify Vimeo Sailing Album


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