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My faith is my life. I love going to church, and I think it gives you the strength to do whatever work God wants you to do. And I feel my role has been to look after and support children with special needs. Highfurlong School Blackpool is the best special school in Lancashire and the country. It has an amazing team that makes things happen. Read more →

Here is his personal tribute and experience of war. A plea for peace and understanding amongst nations and people is made. 2018 is the one hundredth anniversary of the worlds most deadly war. November 11 is the annual tradition with two minutes silence at eleven o’clock for remembering the ending of World War 1 in 1918. King George V oversaw the first ceronemy in 1919. The Royal Family, the British Armed Forces, and Government continue the tradition by parading at The Cenotaph in Whitehall every year. In the UK, Remembrance Sunday is on the second Sunday in November. Red poppies are sold to raise money for H M Armed Forces veterans needing help. Read more →

Outdoor Education. The Principal of Bendrigg Lodge delivers a voice over for a walk throw video on the centre's new accessible accommodation. The aim is for young people to make well-informed actions within the context of the outdoor centre’s activities. By reviewing all the essential information, careful, and well-informed decisions are made to successfully tackle challenges. Read more →

Hi. I'm Gary Knapton, and I'm a Whole Life Design Consultant from Manchester. I've put together a collection of my own insights in a book, which comes out this Christmas on iBooks, and it's called Modern Love. I've taken quite a provocative, incendiary, but good fun stance here. In the global frenetic world where everything's automated and we are one of billions, we can feel very insignificant and really that we don't have any power. To disassemble these assumptions and leave a hole in the reader's perspective, hopefully that they will fill themselves with their own insight. So this is called Modern Love, and it's a set of awakening primers. Read more →

Here is a mother’s story about trying to obtain expert help and support for her infant son. Due to austerity and cutbacks, people with disabilities have not been able to receive essential medical care or support. An accident during the birthing process may lead to a disability. Read more →

A relaxed temperament, intelligence, and good health are factors in the child’s strength. Resilience protective factors contribute to positive mental health and well-being. Access and benefitting from expert support is difficult. Only a small percentage of young people are accepted for support by the statutory agencies. There are significant issues. These may be related to social adversity relating to dysfunctional family stress, lack of parental knowledge about local expertise, poverty, or child abuse trauma. A local charity that supports young people’s mental health is ACE in Lancaster. Read more →

Kyle Rhea is a classic pilotage and great care must be taken due to strong tidal streams. Eight knots are the norm in this tidal gate. However, with good timing and seamanship skills, the Kyle Rhea is a must-do and terrific transit to complete. Even at neap tides, the currents and eddies buffet vessels as they transit this narrow passage between mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye. Read more →

The boat’s dinghy enhanced the trip by allowing the crew to have great fun to access and reach the most incredible places. Without the highly functional davits, it would be hard work launching and retrieving the tender. Simply, un-tie two lines to easily lower or raise. The process is stunningly quick compared to the labour-intensive alternatives. How do you waste your time and efforts by faffing around? Read more →

Can you make positive things happen? Or, are you restricted by circumstances? How can you improve the quality of life and the environment? Action and commitment from local people who care about their environment and others improves the quality of life. What positive actions and commitments can individuals take to help them self and others? Is it possible to overcome the restrictions of families, local communities, or the culture of the wider society? Read more →

Become a better speaker, a better presenter, and a better leader. Our newly formed club is reaching out to new members who wish to improve their communication skills.Are you seeking: A mutually supportive learning environment, Having fun, Individual coaching, Self-help, Developing a speaking style, To gain confidence and skills Read more →