Sailing Videos

Here is a Twitter video of an HR36 approaching Scaloway on a mid-summers evening. Making landfall after two days out of Torshavn, Faroe Islands, the yacht encountered calm and benign conditions after turbulent conditions on the previous voyage. Read more →

Another issue is the tidal currents in the Faroes. Although the rise and fall is only a meter or less, the currents generated through the many narrow passages can be fierce, and the overfalls (breaking standing waves) near the entrances to these passages can be frightening and may be dangerous. A local publication with hourly diagrams called Tidal Current Around the Faroe Islands created by Fischer Heinesen is worth having aboard — but is presumably only available after you get there and is useless unless you have local knowledge of when high water occurs. Read more →

I was brought up on the River Hamble near the Moody yard where the Moody 31 was built. The Kemp spars come from Southampton. I jumped at the opportunity to sail this yacht. Solidly constructed and a sound yacht to sail we had great fun in contrasting weather cruising the Hebrides. The Eberspacher heater was put to good use, Read more →

Essential planning for a summer cruise north to the Faroe Islands includes looking at the tourists destinations and activities on arrival. An experienced crew will voyage from Kirkwall, Orkney to the Faroes and return via the Shetlands. Read more →

Kyle Rhea is a classic pilotage and great care must be taken due to strong tidal streams. Eight knots are the norm in this tidal gate. However, with good timing and seamanship skills, the Kyle Rhea is a must-do and terrific transit to complete. Even at neap tides, the currents and eddies buffet vessels as they transit this narrow passage between mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye. Read more →

The boat’s dinghy enhanced the trip by allowing the crew to have great fun to access and reach the most incredible places. Without the highly functional davits, it would be hard work launching and retrieving the tender. Simply, un-tie two lines to easily lower or raise. The process is stunningly quick compared to the labour-intensive alternatives. How do you waste your time and efforts by faffing around? Read more →

In summary, I have used the metaphor of a compass, a compass bearing, and navigation regarding your direction of travel. The true story of Dawn Glory going aground on a moonless night in a remote loch could have been catastrophic. What do you use to guide, lead, and inform your life? What is your compass bearing? Read more →

Sailing through on a spring tide is very exhilarating. The yacht moves through the narrow stretch of water with such speed that it carries with it anything that happens to be caught up in the water. Such as seals cruising on their backs through the eddies either for the ride or catching the fish that are thrown up by the fast-moving water. Videos of sailing Outer Hebrides, Minch, and Skye. Read more →