Desiderius Erasmus legacy


Desiderius Erasmus, a prominent figure of the Renaissance, left an enduring legacy with his scholarly work and advocacy for education and intellectual exchange. His influence can be seen in the Erasmus+ Programme, which promotes mobility and intercultural competence among European students and academics. Erasmus's emphasis on questioning the status quo and promoting freedom of thought continues to inspire individuals to seek understanding and bridge cultural divides. His memory lives on in the pursuit of learning and critical thinking, making him a guiding star for generations to come.


The fusion of traditional Dutch art and digitalization in the fourth industrial revolution in Holland reflects a fascinating intersection of cultural heritage and technological innovation. In this context, anthropologists may observe the ways in which Dutch artists and artisans are adapting centuries-old artistic techniques and styles to incorporate digital tools and platforms in their creative processes.

For example, traditional Dutch paintings, such as those by famous artists like Rembrandt or Vermeer, may now be reimagined using digital painting software or transformed into immersive virtual reality experiences. This blending of the old and the new not only allows for the preservation and revitalization of traditional art forms but also opens up new possibilities for artistic expression and audience engagement.

Moreover, anthropologists may also study the impact of digitalization on the art market in Holland, including changes in consumption patterns, the rise of online galleries and art platforms, and the ways in which artists navigate issues of authenticity and ownership in the digital realm.

Overall, the fusion of traditional Dutch art and digitalization in the fourth industrial revolution presents a rich field of study for anthropologists interested in exploring the dynamic interplay between culture, technology, and creativity in contemporary Dutch society.

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Women in Philosophy: Shattering Barriers and Redefining Thought

Women in philoophy Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematician and philosopher in ancient times



Women in Philosophy: Shattering Barriers and Redefining Thought

Philosophy, traditionally a male-dominated realm, has been significantly influenced by the exceptional contributions of women throughout history. This article highlights the stories and legacies of some of the most influential women philosophers who defied norms, challenged conventions, and left an indelible mark on the field of philosophy.




Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematician and philosopher in ancient times who displayed intellectual bravery by engaging in debates on mathematics, astronomy, and metaphysics. Despite meeting a tragic end at the hands of a Christian mob, her legacy stands as a testament to the challenges faced by women in male-dominated spaces.

Émilie du Châtelet, a prominent figure of the French Enlightenment, made enduring contributions to physics and philosophy through her translation and commentary on Isaac Newton’s “Principia Mathematica.” Her emphasis on empirical evidence and exploration of concepts like time and space laid the groundwork for future scientific inquiry.

Simone de Beauvoir, a pivotal figure in existentialism, challenged traditional gender roles and philosophical paradigms with works such as “The Second Sex.” Her critique of women’s oppression and exploration of existential themes like freedom and authenticity continue to resonate in discussions on feminist theory and gender equality.

Martha Nussbaum, a contemporary philosopher known for her work in ethics and political philosophy, advocates for social justice and human rights beyond academia. Her “capabilities approach” emphasizes human flourishing and the need to address societal inequalities.

Judith Butler revolutionized gender theory and queer studies with her concept of “gender as performance,” reshaping our understanding of identity and sexuality. Her influence extends beyond philosophy into cultural studies and activism, challenging fixed notions of gender and empowering diverse narratives.

Elizabeth Anscombe, a British philosopher, is renowned for her scrutiny of ethics and philosophy of mind. Her critiques of consequentialism and defense of virtue ethics remain influential in ethical dialogues, with her exploration of intention and action providing a strong foundation in moral philosophy.

Julia Kristeva, a Bulgarian-French philosopher, combines psychoanalysis, linguistics, and feminism in her examination of language and subjectivity. Her ideas on the abject and maternal aspects of language enrich contemporary discussions on identity and personal narratives.

Mary Wollstonecraft, a pioneering feminist philosopher, advocated for women’s education and equality through her seminal work, “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.” By challenging prevailing gender norms and promoting intellectual emancipation, Wollstonecraft laid the groundwork for subsequent feminist movements.

In conclusion, the resilience, courage, and intellectual rigor of these women philosophers, along with many others, have shattered barriers, expanded intellectual horizons, and enriched the discourse of philosophy. Celebrating their legacy emphasizes the importance of diverse voices in philosophical dialogue and the transformative power of challenging the status quo. As Simone de Beauvoir aptly stated, “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman,” showcasing the transformative journeys of these women who became philosophers, shaping the course of philosophical thought.

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English graduates have many opportunities to benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) in their careers

English graduate AI jobs

English graduates and new AI job opportunities


English graduates have many opportunities to benefit from artificial intelligence (AI) in their careers as technology continues to shape the workforce. The integration of AI in various industries presents English graduates with new avenues for professional growth and development.

One key area where English graduates can benefit from AI is in content creation and curation. AI tools, such as natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, can assist in analysing data, generating insights, and creating compelling content. For example, AI can help writers generate new story ideas, analyse trends in online content, and tailor their writing to specific audiences. English graduates who possess strong writing skills can leverage AI tools to streamline their workflow, increase productivity, and produce high-quality content more efficiently.





Moreover, AI can also aid English graduates in editing and proofreading their work. Advanced grammar and spell-checking algorithms can assist in detecting errors and suggesting improvements in writing. This can help English graduates refine their writing skills, communicate more effectively, and enhance the overall quality of their work.

Additionally, AI-powered platforms can provide English graduates with opportunities in content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). AI tools can analyse data to identify trends, predict consumer behaviour, and optimize content for search engines. English graduates who understand how to leverage AI in content marketing can create targeted campaigns, drive traffic to websites, and enhance brand visibility.

Furthermore, AI can enable English graduates to explore careers in technical writing and documentation. AI-powered software can assist in creating user manuals, technical guides, and documentation for various products and services. English graduates can utilize AI tools to simplify complex information, enhance readability, and ensure accuracy in technical documentation.

In conclusion, English graduates stand to benefit greatly from AI in their careers. By embracing AI technologies and developing new skills, they can enhance their writing abilities, streamline their workflow, and explore diverse opportunities in content creation, editing, marketing, and technical writing. As AI continues to revolutionize the workplace, English graduates who adapt and leverage technology effectively will remain competitive and thrive in the ever-evolving job market.


English graduate new AI job opportunities

Graduates benefitting from new AI career opportunities


English graduates can benefit from AI in various career aspects, as it opens up new opportunities and enhances existing skills. Here are some ways AI can be advantageous:

Moreover, AI can optimize the job search and application process, with tools that aggregate job listings, analyse resumes, and generate cover letters tailored for specific roles4.


This integration of AI into various facets of career development allows English graduates to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.


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The book and rise of digital media - Books versus ebooks - What is the future?


Books and rise of online media-People-of-Colour-Family-group


The book and rise of digital media - Books versus ebooks - What is the future?


What role and function has Apple’s iPhone played in a world where digital technology reigns supreme? Has the printed book has proven its resilience in the face of the digital era? Once thought to be on the brink of extinction due to the rise of e-books and e-readers, traditional books have not only survived but also found new ways to flourish alongside their digital counterparts.




The battle of printed Books vs. E-Books has been fierce, with printed book sales experiencing a decline as digital media continues to soar. However, this decline rate is slowing down, suggesting that printed books are finding their footing in the new landscape. E-reader sales, once booming, have plateaued in recent years, with major players like Amazon's Kindle and Barnes & Noble's Nook facing challenges. Despite the allure of e-books, print books still dominate the market in the UK, with significant amounts spent on them compared to e-books. Additionally, genre preferences play a role, with adult fiction favouring e-books while cookery and religious books thrive in print.

The printed book showcases its resilience through the book’s many Lives. Unlike e-books, printed books can circulate actively, being loaned, gifted, or sold second-hand, allowing them to have multiple lives. With its craftsmanship, bindings, and illustrations, the tangible pleasure of holding a physical book in hand evokes sensorial pleasure, memories, and nostalgia that digital copies cannot replicate. Even when battered or recycled, the paper itself retains value, extending the life of the book.

Digital media and online conversations using mobile technologies have also played a role in preserving the printed book's relevance. Innovations like personalised books create a bridge between physical and digital realms, providing unique experiences for readers. Furthermore, digital conversations, such as reviews, blogs, and social media discussions, bring books to life collaboratively, enriching the reading experience and keeping them a part of cultural discourse. My iPhone 15 Pro Max has worked overtime on this agenda.

In conclusion, while digital media has undoubtedly transformed the way we consume content, the printed book stands as a testament to endurance. Its materiality, ability to circulate and evoke memories, and capability to adapt to new technologies ensure that it remains a cherished part of our cultural heritage. The printed book has weathered the storm of the digital era and emerged stronger, proving that it is here to stay.

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A Border Terrier puppy sailing the West Coast of Scotland



Verse 1)
Surging waves and cool wind, the sailor's true friend
Black markings telling direction, guiding us until the end

Submerged rocks, silent danger lurking below
Navigating shallow channels, rocky headlands we go



A Border Terrier's first sailing trip on the West Coast of Scotland


Big tides, fast currents, the sea's relentless dance
Swirling overfalls and steep cliffs, taking every chance

(Verse 2)
Hidden coves and flashing transits, the sailor's delight
Prominent marks and bright screens, leading us through the night

Chart plotter guiding our way, sandy estuaries in sight
Harbour cill and wooden pontoon, a safe harbor in the light

Bowline cleat and green seaweed, memories of the sea
Damp locker, salty clothes, a life that's wild and free

(Verse 3)
Bright phospherence lighting our way, in the black nights
Flashing nights and prominent headlands, under starry lights

Glossy varnish, graceful lines, a vessel fine and true
Narrow beam and coach roof, the sailor's world in view

Sliding hatch and colored halyards, a sailor's work is never done
Grey chain and heavy anchor, a life under the sun

Damp cushions and slow oven, a sailor's simple life
Pitching yawl and VHF channel, through calm and strife

As we journey through the oceans, with distant voices calling
Nautical chatter and white horses, the sea's majestic brawling

Slicing crests and Channel chop, we persevere with might
Trimmed genoa and chrome windlass, sailing through the night

And in the end, we'll raise our sails, under mackerel skies
White beaches and steep cliffs, where the fearless soul flies

Sailing south and curving foil, on a dusty track we roam
Isolated islands and rolling seas, our hearts forever at home.

Best regards,

Eddy Jackson

The Boathouse Restaurant Trip Loch a Choire Fort William Sailing West Coast Scotland




Overlord Scotland 2

Overlord anchored in a loch whilst in Scotland






Sailing the Seas: A Sailor’s Odyssey

By Captain Mariner

Verse 1: The Sailor’s True Friend

The sea, with its surging waves and cool winds, becomes the sailor’s steadfast companion. As we hoist our sails, black markings etched on ancient charts guide us toward distant horizons. These cryptic symbols reveal more than mere direction; they whisper tales of seafarers who’ve gone before us, their wisdom etched into the very fabric of the ocean.

But beware! Submerged rocks lie hidden beneath the surface, silent dangers lurking in the depths. Navigating shallow channels and rocky headlands, we thread our way through treacherous waters. Each passage demands our utmost attention, a dance with fate where one misstep could spell disaster.

Chorus: The Sea’s Relentless Dance

Big tides rise and fall, their currents pulling us into a rhythmic waltz. The sea swirls with overfalls, its waves crashing against steep cliffs. We take every chance, harnessing the elements to propel our vessel forward. The salt spray kisses our faces, and the wind sings its wild song—a melody of freedom and daring.

Verse 2: Delights and Challenges

Hidden coves beckon, their secrets waiting to be discovered. Flashing transits guide us through moonless nights, their reassuring glow leading us toward safe harbors. Prominent marks on distant shores become our companions, their constellations etched into our memories.

The chart plotter hums softly, tracing our course across digital screens. Sandy estuaries come into view, promising shelter after a day’s journey. And there, nestled against the wooden pontoon, lies the harbor cill—a threshold between the tempest and tranquility. We tie our lines, secure in the knowledge that we’ve found refuge.

Chorus: Memories of the Sea

Bowline cleats hold our ropes, their weathered surfaces bearing witness to countless tugs and knots. Green seaweed clings to our hull, a reminder of distant shores. In the damp locker, our salty clothes tell stories of storms weathered and sunsets celebrated. Life at sea is wild and free, an intoxicating blend of adventure and solitude.

Verse 3: Guided by Starlight

Bright phosphorescence dances on the water’s surface during black nights. Flashing buoys and lighthouses mark our way, their beams cutting through darkness. Prominent headlands rise like sentinels, their silhouettes etched against starry skies.

Our vessel, glossy varnish reflecting moonlight, glides gracefully. Its narrow beam slices through the waves, and the coach roof offers a vantage point—a sailor’s world in view. We navigate by constellations, our compass guided by celestial bodies as ancient as time.

Chorus: Work Never Done

Sliding hatches reveal hidden compartments, where tools and spare lines await our touch. Colored halyards snake through our fingers, their vibrant hues signaling purpose. The grey chain clinks as the anchor descends, securing us to the seabed. Life under the sun is a ceaseless cycle of maintenance and vigilance.

A Simple Life at Sea

Damp cushions cradle tired bodies, and the slow oven warms our small galley. Pitching yawls and VHF channels connect us to distant sailors, their voices echoing across vast expanses. Nautical chatter blends with the rhythmic sound of white horses crashing against our hull.

As we journey through oceans, our hearts respond to the call of adventure. Slicing through crests and Channel chop, we persevere with the might of those who’ve sailed before us. Our genoa trimmed, the chrome windlass whirring, we sail through the night.

And when the mackerel skies greet us, we raise our sails once more. White beaches and steep cliffs beckon—the realm where fearless souls take flight. Sailing south, curving like a foil, we follow a dusty track toward isolated islands and rolling seas. Our hearts forever at home, cradled by the boundless blue


Best regards,

Eddy Jackson

Planning for a photo shoot and video storyboard of a maritime observation post overlooking the treacherous Morecambe Bay

iPhone 15 Pro Max video project planning

Here is an outline of how I plan my projects.

Creating a schedule and detailed plan for a photo shoot and video storyboard of a maritime observation post overlooking a treacherous bay requires careful consideration and organization. Here are the steps you can follow:

Step 1: Initial Planning
- Identify the purpose and objectives of the photoshoot and video storyboard. Understand the vision and key elements you want to capture.
Research the maritime observation post and the treacherous bay to better understand the location and its unique features.
- Determine the date and time for the photo shoot, considering factors like lighting, weather, and accessibility to the location.

Step 2: Location Scouting and Assessment
- Visit the maritime observation post to scout the location and assess the best angles and vantage points for capturing photos and videos.
- Note any safety concerns or challenges the treacherous bay poses to ensure a safe shooting environment.
- Consider the sunrise or sunset timings for optimal lighting conditions, and plan accordingly.

Step 3: Storyboard Creation
- Develop a storyboard outlining the sequence of shots you want to capture. Include details on camera angles, movements, transitions, and key visual elements.
- Ensure the storyboard aligns with the theme and narrative you aim to convey through the photoshoot and video.
- Share the storyboard with your team or collaborators to ensure a cohesive vision and understanding of the project.

Step 4: Scheduling Details
- Create a detailed schedule outlining the photoshoot and video production timeline. Divide the day into specific time slots for various shots and sequences.
To stay on track during the shoot, allocate time for setup, equipment adjustments, breaks, and potential reshoots.
- Consider factors like travel time, parking availability, and any permissions required to access the location.

Step 5: Equipment Preparation
- Ensure all necessary equipment, iPhones, ND filters, tripods, selfie sticks (if applicable), lighting gear, and the Rode audio recording devices, are working.
- Pack extra batteries, memory cards, and accessories needed for the shoot to avoid last-minute disruptions.
- Plan for backup equipment in case of technical issues or unexpected challenges during the shoot.

Step 6: Team Coordination
- Assign roles and responsibilities to your team members, including photographers, videographers, assistants, and any talent or models involved.
- Communicate the schedule, storyboard details, and safety guidelines to ensure everyone is aligned and prepared for the shoot.
- Establish a communication plan to address any changes or issues that may arise during the photoshoot.

Step 7: Execution and Review
- Begin the photoshoot following the schedule and storyboard, capturing each shot as planned while allowing for creative flexibility and improvisation.
- Review the images and videos on location to ensure you are achieving the desired results and making necessary adjustments as needed.
- Wrap up the shoot within the scheduled time frame and discuss any additional shots or revisions before concluding the project.

Following these steps and maintaining thorough planning and organization, you can execute a successful photoshoot and video storyboard of a maritime observation post overlooking a treacherous bay.

Best regards,

Eddy Jackson

Asta fights back against the Cetls


Power & Society - Fighting for their rights and place in society


Shivering, shaking, blinking, I suddenly woke from deep sleep to a nightmare. Hearing terrifying cries, filling the night’s darkness with violent, echoing chaos, I put my head under a pillow. 

Arrows took the last breath away from the night watch and silenced the guards.

The silent northern blue tattooed raiding Celts, skilfully scaling the hamlet’s wooded defences and breeching the defences, were now howling for blood. Swinging, flashing silver blades struck the heart of my community. 







BedNow howling and screaming, the violators charged, kicking in doors, entering, and ending the lives of families stumbling from their last slumbering movements. Oozing blood flowing from the living signalled the ending of their conscious existence. Final screams and gurgling from surprised, gaping mouths signalled their ending. They had no chance. 

The burring hamlet on Priory Hill sent flaming fingers upwards. Rejecting clouds lit up an image of bedlam and hell.

Grabbing my hands, with the tattooed raiders storming up the stairs, Leif and Magnus were lowering me out of the window. The old world was ending. Capturing Gyda and dragging her away, they torched the wooden house and cremated the bodies. 

These are the worst scenes from the nightmares haunting my early life. May you never experience the miasmas from hell's infernos of the burning stench of human flesh and panicking, baying animals escaping flaming barns.





Stumbling along a hidden forest path with night birds guiding and flanking our paths to safety, a parliament of Tawney owls scouted the escape route. Bats sonic screeching helped by spotting hazards and fallen trees. A chorus of hooting was guiding the fleeing refugees. Silent, sure-footed roe deer guarding the flanks helped by propping us up, stopping us from falling.

Away to the Northwest, on Priory Hill, evil skies still reflected the evil raiders' deeds; angry red and yellow flames reflected against the clouds.

At the end of the escapade from the raiders, the trooping deer, who had been skilfully and quietly escorting my frail party, led us into a secret hunting lodge hidden high in the foothills of the fabled Tabletop Mountains. 

Dense thickets, fast-flowing rivers and small lakes guarded the refuge. Only the best and fittest survived here. Eagles and birds of prey, carrying out high-level reconnaissance from the skies, were searching, scanning, and circling the hidden refuge for signs of approach from the marauding kidnappers.

For two days, laying low, we spent sleeping, talking, planning, and discussing escaping from our catastrophic nightmare. Staying locked in the warmth and security of our safe house would have been the easy option. The will and the desire to save Gyda and try to do something positive was the winning option. 

Again, with the roe deer silently guiding us through the thickets, we found a small coracle tied to the moss-covered bank of the fast-flowing riverbank. With salmon and otters escorting us, the leather craft quickly bobbed down the winding river. Birds, wrens, robins and crows were keeping a sharp lookout. Ferrying past rocky rapids, valley troughs, and deep pools with swirling whirlpools, we escaped to the sandy estuary where the river entered the bay. Here, the deer and bird friends gave the protective escort to gannets, petrels, and black-backed gulls. Dancing, glinting dolphins began towing the tiny craft over the blue seas to the magical castle on the island in the west where the sun sets. 

As the moon waxed, the dolphins safely guided us into a sheltered cove hidden from prying eyes and the evil raiders.

Scheming how to rescue Gyda in the magical island castle, Magnus, the wise, began slowly evolving his cunning plan with the horned, helmeted Norsemen. Leif used his heroic father’s links to build new friendships with the clans, families and alliances that had evolved from his family’s proud heritage, exploring distant lands across the ocean toward the setting sun.

The petrels and swallows were constantly bringing news of sightings and developments on the movements of the northern raiders. A drugged and tied-up Gyda was being taken north into the Purple Mountains and the home of the Celt marauders.

Circling high over the hill route to the northern purple mountains, buzzards following the raiders constantly informed of the raider’s movement. Thinking, working hard, and mapping out the information, Magnus was developing a courageous plan to save Gyda. He was delegating duties and tasks in the briefing for the raid to save Gyda. Whales and dolphins for aiding the rescue party across the blue seas and into the sandy estuary. Flights of birds were the eyes and ears, deer and hares leading the heroic rescuers to the brigand’s camp.







Tawney owls coordinating the rescue, hooting as dawn broke, secretly scouting the approach route to the brigand’s den. Asta, Magnus and Lief, riding on the backs of the deer, knowing the otters were breaching the stockade, prepared their stun grenades and laser swords. Creeping through the silent, sleeping enemy den with snoring Celts, quietly waking a trembling Gyda, Leif treading silently led the brave raiders to the safety of the surrounding forest.

The animal friends, escorting the rescuers, gave no clues to the drunken Celts. At the estuary, a school of whales, towing the long boat, ploughing the gentle waves, sped the rescuers to safety.







Gyda, crying, laughing, speaking, told the party of her ordeal when the golden eagle landed on the balcony and told how the Celts, fighting a losing battle with the forest animals, were being driven out of their mountain dens.

Celebrating the victory, Asta, proclaiming peace, declared independence for the animals and the people in the magical land of the Winding River.

Power & Society





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Eddy Jackson

The Joy and Love of Owning a Dog 





The Joy and Love of Owning a Dog 

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Dogs are more than just pets; they are loyal companions, faithful friends, and loving family members. Owning a dog can bring joy and love to your life in many ways. One of the benefits of owning a dog is that they can improve your physical and mental health. Studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower stress levels, and better immune systems than non-dog owners .

Dogs can also help you stay active and fit, as they need regular walks, playtime, and exercise. By taking care of your dog, you are also taking care of yourself. Another benefit of owning a dog is that they can provide you with emotional support and companionship.





Dogs can sense your mood and emotions, and they will always be there to comfort you, cheer you up, and make you laugh. Dogs can also help you cope with loneliness, depression, anxiety, and grief. They can also help you socialize and make new friends, as they are natural ice-breakers and conversation starters. A third benefit of owning a dog is that they can teach you valuable life lessons and skills.

Dogs can teach you about responsibility, patience, empathy, loyalty, and unconditional love. They can also teach you how to live in the present, enjoy the simple things, and appreciate the beauty of nature.









Dogs can also inspire you to be more adventurous, curious, and playful. Owning a dog is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. Dogs can enrich your life in so many ways, and they will always give you their best. If you are looking for a pet that can bring you joy and love, consider adopting a dog. You will not regret it.





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Eddy Jackson

Training dogs requires time, patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement.




Training dogs requires time, patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement. 


Here are some important tips for training dogs:


  1. Start training early: Begin training your dog as soon as you bring them home to establish good behaviors and prevent bad habits from forming.


  1. Use positive reinforcement: Reward your dog with treats, praise, or toys when they exhibit the desired behavior. This encourages them to repeat the behavior.


  1. Be consistent: Use the same commands and rules consistently to avoid confusion. Dogs learn best through repetition and routine.


  1. Keep training sessions short and fun: Dogs have short attention spans, so keep training sessions brief, frequent, and enjoyable to keep them engaged.


  1. Be patient: Every dog learns at their own pace, so be patient and understanding during the training process. Avoid punishing or scolding your dog for mistakes.





  1. Use clear and simple commands: Use short, clear commands when training your dog to make it easier for them to understand what you want.


  1. Socialize your dog: Expose your dog to different people, animals, and environments to help them become well-adjusted and friendly.


  1. Seek professional help if needed: If you're having difficulty training your dog or if they exhibit behavior issues, consider consulting a professional dog trainer for guidance and support.


Remember that training is a lifelong process, and consistency is key to helping your dog become a well-behaved and happy companion.









Best regards,

Eddy Jackson