Davits a metaphor for life


Davit a device for suspending or lowering a yacht tender

Piloting the hidden pools in the upper lochs in the islands and the West Coast of Scotland is great fun.

Davits are about easy handling and launching of a boat’s tender for enhancing a greater range of sailing adventures.  


Using davits as a metaphor for life, can you think of other activities, apps or devices that may make your work and habitual routines a lot easier?

Getting to your destination is dependent on well-maintained equipment and skilled seamanship. Submerged rocks, swirling currents, wind, and waves will influence progress. 

What factors may impact upon the delivery of your plans? 

How do you reach your goals and destiny?

Covering three hundred and eighty miles the yacht, White Eagle, called into:

Loch Spelve, Tarbet and the Pool, Port Ellen, Tinker's Hole, Bunessan, Iona, Fingal’s Cave Staffa, Tobermory, Muck, Loch Moidart, Plockton, Mallaig, Canna, Soay, Loch Scavaig, Rum, Eigg, Tobermory, Loch Aline and Oban.


The Hallberg-Rassy 36 used its tender to explore these scenic jewels in blistering hot weather.  The dinghy allowed the crew to have great fun.

Accessing and reaching the most incredible places was easy. By enhancing the voyage through the use of the tender, we experienced a much wider range of exciting opportunities.


Without the highly functional davits, it would be hard work launching and retrieving the tender. Un-tie two lines to lower or raise.  Easy.  The process is quick compared to the labour-intensive alternatives.

You see the amazing shimmering Moidart castle at the head of the loch.  In a locker, tied on deck, the tender is a burden. It has to be inflated, laboriously launched over the side and kitted out.


How does it feel?

What makes repetitive activities easier?

Do you waste your time and efforts on faffing?


What aides, devices, modifications, changes in routine or habits will make your life and work easier?

Davits or laborious struggles?

I am part of the anti-faffing, can-do crew.

And you?



Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

The future King of England is presenting the honours


Life and the quality of life are the driving force


Travelling in the early morning rush hour traffic in a black London taxi gazing at life.

The miasma, vibrations, noise, and the chaos of this speeding metropolis is delivering a profound sense of urgency and energy.

The sound of roaring engines in the traffic and rubber burning on the hot tarmac is creating a toxic haze.

Commercial, businesses, and bureaucracies are powering the nation going work in the city.

What is happening here? Where are all these people going?

Vehicles, cycles, and pedestrians are displaying codes, signs, and symbols showing status, wealth, and cultures.

City stockbrokers are revving their red Ferraris making their exhaust roar with delivery drivers in their white Sprinter vans dangerously tailgating.  Fuming, polluting diesel logistic lorries are dashing goods to warehouses. They are ferocious, jealousy competing for precious road space.

Gangs of school children laden with their bags are waiting for red buses and mothers are pushing prams guiding infants going to nurseries.

Leaving the semi-detached suburban houses and driving North on the A3 passing prosperous commuter towns into the south London suburbs towards River Thames we are making a historical journey along a route displaying the history of England.



Suddenly flying past Nelson's Column driving into the money and wealth of Pall Mall we are arriving.

At Buckingham Palace checking in with the police, we are here. Guardsmen and Gurkha soldiers are greeting guests and after climbing from the courtyard passing galleries of Rembrandt's and into stunning dining rooms thinking about the presidents, royalty and the elite diplomatic banquets with the King and Queen, destinations end.

Feeling at ease with these people and what they stand for. That is my lives work; making things happen, having a positive impact through outcomes making the world a better place.

Being directed left into the award chambers, my family disappear. With some of the world's best classic paintings, bankers, industrialists, inventors, actors, and athletes, there is a drinks reception.

With military precision and gravitas, the duty officer is delivering a briefing with stunning clarity on what to expect during the investiture. Surprise murmuring breaks out while announcing the future King of England is presenting the honours.




I take it, smiling, enjoying the moment. How have I managed this?

But then, thinking of those incredible people, exceptional teams, and outstanding organisations, their precious work deserving recognition, it is their achievement. Life and the quality of life are the driving force.

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Good Friday's Blizzard Birth

Good Friday's Blizzard


I am growing safely in my young mother's womb, the pulsating boom, boom, boom, boom of gushing arteries nurturing me, the firstborn is now ready for redemption.

Outside a nurse's hand is holding the gasping, screaming, labouring, and writhing body.

I am starting my life's journey.




The warmth of the blazing coal fire in the austere bedroom is giving respite from the freezing Siberian blizzard. A roaring wind is driving eddies of snow. Drifts are covering hedges, lanes, and the frozen fields of winter wheat around the barren hamlet.

Did you hear the barn owl hooting from the barn down the lane outside my grandparent's house?

My first memories are of a dishevelled young woman screaming, cursing, and hurling abuse at my distant father. He was always missing.




At that time, it was a long-forgotten Asiatic war against the communists. I do not think they were married then.

Being hungry and howling with a baby’s angst did not help. The nurse's expert hands, skilfully latching me onto a nipple quickly delivered a blissful respite.

My mother was always kind and gentle. She was the foundation, the rock, and moral compass for doing the right thing. Together with my grandparents George and Grace, they raised me as a baby and infant. I think it may be as near heaven as I will achieve. Learning to walk and play in my Camelot gardens on hot summers day seemed to be endless. Time did not move. Picking tomatoes in the allotment, looking for fallen fruit in the orchard, tasting strawberries, feeding chickens, watching farmers harvesting wheat, and loading pigs up to go market was the routine.

The early narrative here is not about complacency, contentment, and happiness, no, it is about redemption from angst, pain, evil, and suffering in our lives. Reader, in these pages no one is born with a silver spoon in their mouth

Sheltering in a foxhole raked by heavy machine-gun fire and heavy artillery bombardment on top of a famous hill, my teenage father is fighting a distant Asiatic war on my birth. As I was screaming for air, he and his friends are screaming while being butchered, blown apart, shot and maimed. That is Harry's story. Shot in the elbow, wounded, injured, and scarred mentally, his short life descended into hell.




My birth and his relationship with my mother hastened the downward spiral.

Spoiler read on to learn about the Good Friday redemption from this traumatic opening.

In the bigger picture, Harry's infantry regiment, the Glorious Glosters, and the 29th Brigade were defending democracy and freedom against the brutal tyranny of the communist state.

Believing in a just cause is vital for some people. Values, beliefs, rights, ethics, and law, whose side are they on?

Now, you will not easily find accounts, records, or commemorations. Those fighting and dying paid a terrible toll with horrendous wounds, mental scars, and unimaginable horrors. Their unsung heroic efforts created and saved Far East democracies from being overrun.

Since the beginning of time, violent battles, turmoil, and wars have been our legacy. Heroic legends and tales of boldness illustrate history books. But, let's stop and review the reality of what happens to people and communities in these conflicts. You hear and read about soldiers, sailors, and airmen, but what about the woman, families, and the children that are not part of the official story of a war. My account is about these people. It could be you. The names and places are changed, but the narrative represents a true story in a nation's heritage.

Have you something to share here? What about your love, aspirations, desire, hope, faith, deceit, angst, misery, pain or despair?

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

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Public speaking challenge 2020 in the age of COVID 19 lockdown Lancashire Cabus local history Roman Road speech





Map of the Roman Road in rural Cabus Lancashire



History is on your doorstep. Cutting through the Lancashire countryside in rural Cabus, just west of Scorton and Nicky Nook is a Roman Road.

A public footpath now follows its route. It passes to the rear of the Patten Arms pub on the Cockerham Road.

On a glorious Spring day, Cabus Parish Councillor, Louise Jackson, takes you on a nature walk and an intriguing history your across farmers' fields. Roman soldiers, chariots, traders, and drovers have used this.

Check out Lancashire's heritage with this Cabus footpath guide. View video on Vimeo.




Louise Jackson's history and nature video on the Cabus Roman Road



Louise delivered this presentation as part of the public speaking challenge below. You can take part.




From the South Lancaster Speakers Club

To prevent cabin-fever in the time of COVID-19 lock-down, overcome curfew restrictions, and self-isolation here is an invitation to escape to another world.



The rationale and purpose are to stimulate you intellectually, have some fun, and to promote the enjoyment of public speaking to a broader audience.



During the week record a short uplifting speech or share written content. Let’s open this public speaking challenge up to anybody if they are interested. Contributors do not have to be a member.

Share speeches and recordings directly onto the South Lancaster Speakers Club Facebook page and website.

Contact if you need support.





1. Subjects and issues that interest you.

2. Content from responsible, verified sources.

3. Topical issues.



Using either FB or the comment form below on this website, to give positive and supportive feedback in the spirit of the club’s ethos.

Think about your personal development in public speaking, being active, and in making a positive contribution to society.

Are you up for the 2020 Public Speaking Challenge? Try it now!

Good luck!


Eddy Jackson

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Inspirational Videos Eve Of St Agnes John Keats Audio Description Captions Enhancing Learning

A Physiological Deconstruction Of The Eve of St Agnes John Keats



Inspirational YouTube Videos



Is there an alternative context for framing John Keats The Eve of St Agnes?

Studying human physiology uses a different linguistic register to look at literature and life, creating new insights and a different perspective.

How about using physiology to frame and deconstruct Madeline’s and Porphyro’s behaviours in Keats’s narrative poem, The Eve of Saint Agnes, for this literary classic?

Check out and enjoy this experimental video experience:



Enhancing cognizance and new thinking
By describing key elements in the video like character movements and facial expressions, text or graphics on the screen, and other key visual information essential to the understanding of the video, audio description narrates visual information aiding cognition, facilitating a variety of learning styles for all viewers, as well of meeting the needs for blind and low-vision viewers. 
Audio description, captions, and transcripts benefit everyone by improving understanding and learning.
As an explicit feature, I wanted to use as many signs and codes as possible to make audiences and viewers think, have a response, and interact with the media. The 3PlayMedia services for captions and audio descriptions enhance the impact and outcomes.


Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Eve St Agnes Keats Romantic Poem Valentines Day




Madeline Eve St Agnes Keats Romantic Poem Valentines Day Love


Read by Louise

Produced and edited by EJ.

A soundtrack for a series of videos on www.communicationuk.com

My schoolteachers delivered the perfect foundation for understanding life.

Their teaching of the English romantic poet John Keats and the ancient Greek playwrights Sophocles and Euripides was about gaining insights into personal feelings and responses.

Studying human physiology, as a physical education student, created new insights and a different linguistic register to look at literature and life.

How about using physiology to frame and deconstruct Madeline’s and Porphyro’s behaviours in Keats’s narrative poem, The Eve of Saint Agnes, is about delivering a new perspective for this literary classic.

Is there an alternative context for framing John Keats The Eve of St Agnes?


Beyond a mortal man impassion'd far

       At these voluptuous accents, he arose

       Ethereal, flush'd, and like a throbbing star

       Seen mid the sapphire heaven's deep repose;

       Into her dream he melted, as the rose

       Blendeth its odour with the violet,—

       Solution sweet: meantime the frost-wind blows

       Like Love's alarum pattering the sharp sleet

Against the window-panes; St. Agnes' moon hath set.

       'Tis dark: quick pattereth the flaw-blown sleet:

       "This is no dream, my bride, my Madeline!"

       'Tis dark: the iced gusts still rave and beat:

       "No dream, alas! alas! and woe is mine!

       Porphyro will leave me here to fade and pine.—

       Cruel! what traitor could thee hither bring?

       I curse not, for my heart is lost in thine,

       Though thou forsakest a deceived thing;—

A dove forlorn and lost with sick unpruned wing."

       "My Madeline! sweet dreamer! lovely bride!

       Say, may I be for aye thy vassal blest?

       Thy beauty's shield, heart-shap'd and vermeil dyed?

       Ah, silver shrine, here will I take my rest

       After so many hours of toil and quest,

       A famish'd pilgrim,—sav'd by miracle.

       Though I have found, I will not rob thy nest

       Saving of thy sweet self; if thou think'st well

To trust, fair Madeline, to no rude infidel.




Eve St Agnes Keats Romantic Poem Valentines Day

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Is your presentation, media, or speech in tune with the needs of your audience



How can you effectively communicate with audiences?


What do audiences demand from you?

Unless you reach out, engage, and have empathy, how can you effectively communicate with audiences?

Here are some tips for presenting successful and authoritative media.

Gaining insights into your audience's cognisance requires EQ and social intelligence.

By understanding your audience's attitudes, values, ideas, and behaviours, you will uncover a pathway for positive engagement.

Brainstorming, charting, and mapping out critical features helps establish your audiences or viewers characteristics.

Try creating a Venn diagram with five overlaying rings.

  1. What are the viewers:

    • Perspectives
    • Demands
    • Needs
    • Wants

  2. What is essential to hook and engage onlookers?

  3. Are there hurdles and obstacles to the audience's understanding?

  4. Do viewers have a positive and productive experience?

  5. Why are these people, the audience, or viewers here?

Venn-Diagram-Eddy-Jackson-MBE-What-Do-Audiences-Want-From-YouFill in key points on the audiences or viewers demands of your presentation or media



Now review your Venn Diagram to analyse their psyche, personality, and personas.

What do they want?

Do they gain anything?

Do they have a positive experience?

Is your presentation, media, or speech in tune with the needs of your audience?

Think about the power of social and emotional intelligence. Appreciation, understanding, and sensitivity can unlock the key to success.

Try it now. 

Eddy Jackson

p.s. Check out the work of Daniel Golman's work on social intelligence. It works!


Eddy Jackson MBE

Appreciation, understanding, and sensitivity can unlock the key to success

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Hey There Hateful Media 7

How Does It Feel Going Under Drowning

Freeing minds exposing false narratives



In a time where radical manifestos are simply not credible, there is a need to, “Stop giving equal time to lies.” A great principle for 2020 states Gavin Esler.

Creating informing minds needs your attention to thrive.

Experimenting, playing with, and integrating language by using audio, printed, and visual media in the spirit of Bertolt Brecht’s pedagogy helps in creating reflective, thoughtful audience responses in stopping megaphone bullying and fake new.

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services

Hey there hateful noisy media Number 3 fake news propaganda education

Hey There Hateful Noisy Media Number 3 | Fake News & Propaganda Education

Image of young lady propaganda  fake news  fake news education  fake news awareness  dissemination of information facts arguments rumours half-truths lies  misinformation  propaganda art  linguistic

Peacefully thriving in harmony by loving, using rationality in freeing minds.

Hey there loud offensive media I am going under drowning from your extremist fictions kicking around
my mine. Go now, get out of my mind; you are much too ignorant. I am fighting to discover a new real
world? By guiding, reasoning, informing my decision making it’s creating a new path to escape to a heavenly
peaceful paradise. Exploring new thinking surfacing free from tyranny by questioning threatening beliefs.
Listen to the chimes of freedom. Do not raise your voice. Stop megaphone bullying with vindictive symbols
of hate. Ignorance needs education. Peacefully thriving in harmony by loving, using rationality in freeing 
minds. Exposing false narratives and winning. Now creating stronger communities.

Eddy Jackson 2020


Hey there hateful noisy media Number 3 fake news propaganda education from Eddy Jackson on Vimeo.


Language has many functions. David Crystal's (2007) linguistics synopsis articulates these. They are reflected in the production of these word experiments and their associated multi-media productions.

All the written experimental content is framed by the work of eminent philosophers and by seeking spirituality to counter nihilism, alienation, ignorance, hatred, and division. 

The driver and catalyst for this approach are personal responses from the zeitgeist scenarios that are amplified by bots, fake news, propaganda, clickbait, the press, government, and PR agencies.

Production outcomes evolve from the fusion of language and thinking by integrating new ideas from across our linguistic heritage:


  1. Expressing thought processes.

  2.  Recording facts.

  3.  Expressing emotions.

  4.  Playing.

  5.  Controlling reality.

  6.  Expressing rapport.

  7.  Expressing identity.

  8.  Expressing sounds by

  9. Experimenting with technology.


The deliberate fusion of these layers of communication aims to elicit responses from audiences. Unlike viewers in passivity watching cinema, television and, streaming service, the desired objective of this pedagogy is to deliberately encourage, provoke, ask difficult questions, and be a positive educational resource in facilitating new insights and solutions.

Resilience Emotional Wellbeing


Check out other posts about fake news, propaganda, and harmful media.

Eddy Jackson | Editor | Communication UK Digital Learning Services